Puffer Genealogy

Odell, IL



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BECK, Lulu Winifred  12 Apr 1885Odell, IL I23614
2 DOUGHAN, Monica Agnes  20 Nov 1934Odell, IL I44309
3 DOUGHAN, Therese Frances  16 Aug 1926Odell, IL I38216
4 GALLAHER, Lewis Theron  21 Feb 1872Odell, IL I15959
5 KRIPPEL, Edward Bernard  27 Sep 1893Odell, IL I3080
6 PUFFER, Charles Earl  1 Jun 1908Odell, IL I8994
7 PUFFER, George Irving  16 Sep 1873Odell, IL I35366
8 PUFFER, George J.  2 Mar 1908Odell, IL I9531
9 PUFFER, Herbert Josiah  Aug 1872Odell, IL I2505
10 PUFFER, Pearl Emily  19 Feb 1870Odell, IL I7684
11 PUFFER, Richard Beck  21 Aug 1906Odell, IL I3790
12 PUFFER, Robert E.  1 Feb 1939Odell, IL I9532
13 PUFFER, Rollin R.  21 Apr 1871Odell, IL I35370
14 PUFFER, Wilfred Edward  22 Jul 1876Odell, IL I23615
15 WOOBURY, Fanny Adelaide  20 Apr 1874Odell, IL I39984
16 WOOBURY, Grace Ella  10 Jan 1872Odell, IL I39985
17 WOOBURY, Mary Jane  1864Odell, IL I39983


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BAKER, Samuel Wilverton  22 May 1906Odell, IL I43690
2 CALDWELL, Paulina Jane  1 Nov 1919Odell, IL I35367
3 FORSYTHE, Christena  27 May 1933Odell, IL I9533
4 MACKEY, Mary Jane  23 Aug 1945Odell, IL I2504
5 MANZER, Mary T.  14 Dec 1914Odell, IL I6004
6 PUFFER, George Irving  9 Sep 1890Odell, IL I35366
7 PUFFER, George T.  12 Jul 1874Odell, IL I38855
8 PUFFER, Hazel Loretta  14 May 1988Odell, IL I38212
9 PUFFER, Josiah Graves  15 Sep 1905Odell, IL I6005
10 PUFFER, Pearl Emily  1963Odell, IL I7684
11 PUFFER, Richard Rush  5 Dec 1905Odell, IL I35368
12 PUFFER, Rollin R.  26 Dec 1872Odell, IL I35370
13 WOOBURY, Fanny Adelaide  25 Sep 1874Odell, IL I39984
14 WOODBURY, George Boardman  1877Odell, IL I33402
15 WOODBURY, George Frederick  1945Odell, IL I43376


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 CALDWELL, Paulina Jane  4 Nov 1919Odell, IL I35367
2 CHASTEEN, Gladys Louise  Odell, IL I9535
3 DOUGHAN, Mary Ellen  Odell, IL I38217
4 DOUGHAN, Monica Agnes  Odell, IL I44309
5 DOUGHAN, Thomas Patrick  Odell, IL I38213
6 EVANS, Lorena Mae  Odell, IL I1027
7 FINEFIELD, Frank  Odell, IL I10647
8 FORSYTHE, Christena  29 May 1933Odell, IL I9533
9 KELLY, Roberta Ann  Odell, IL I24853
10 KLAMKA, Stanley G.  Odell, IL I24497
11 LANGFORD, Anna Belle  Odell, IL I34046
12 MANZER, Mary T.  Odell, IL I6004
13 PUFFER, Alvin Lewis  Odell, IL I35372
14 PUFFER, Charles F.  Odell, IL I35616
15 PUFFER, Clarence L.  Odell, IL I24852
16 PUFFER, Earl Everett  Odell, IL I1026
17 PUFFER, Everett Asa  Odell, IL I9534
18 PUFFER, Fred LeRoy  Odell, IL I6003
19 PUFFER, George Irving  Odell, IL I35366
20 PUFFER, George J.  Odell, IL I9531
21 PUFFER, George T.  Odell, IL I38855
22 PUFFER, Gladys Marie  Odell, IL I24496
23 PUFFER, Hazel Loretta  Odell, IL I38212
24 PUFFER, Jay B.  Odell, IL I38854
25 PUFFER, Josiah Graves  Odell, IL I6005
26 PUFFER, Pearl Emily  Odell, IL I7684
27 PUFFER, Richard Rush  Odell, IL I35368
28 PUFFER, Robert E.  Odell, IL I9532
29 PUFFER, Rollin R.  Odell, IL I35370
30 REED, Eliza  Odell, IL I43691
31 WALKER, George  Odell, IL I7683
32 WHITE, Lydia L.  Odell, IL I19419
33 WOOBURY, Helen Delia  Odell, IL I39288


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 EVANS, Lorena Mae  Odell, IL I1027


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DOUGHAN / OVEROCKER  24 Jan 1953Odell, IL F19387
2 PUFFER / BECK  11 Apr 1905Odell, IL F9142
3 WOODBURY / BAKER  4 Jan 1896Odell, IL F15517