Puffer Genealogy

Quincy, MA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BENT, Ebenezer  18 Dec 1820Quincy, MA I20571
2 BENT, Harriet Stedman  12 Nov 1871Quincy, MA I640
3 CARANCI, Henry  20 May 1903Quincy, MA I15366
4 CARTER, Florence C.  Abt 1868Quincy, MA I19620
5 KING, Blanche Minetta  9 Oct 1913Quincy, MA I14408
6 LLOYD, Bertha Ismay  5 Sep 1875Quincy, MA I15292
7 LLOYD, Eva Gertrude  2 Sep 1878Quincy, MA I16929
8 LLOYD, Florence Mabel  19 Apr 1882Quincy, MA I15288
9 LUCAS, Isaac Shaw  1814Quincy, MA I41036
10 LUCAS, John Shaw Jr.  22 Jun 1834Quincy, MA I41035
11 PALMA, Archangela C.  13 Feb 1919Quincy, MA I62254
12 PRAY, Theodora  30 Jul 1797Quincy, MA I33867
13 SWEATT, William Lake  14 Oct 1833Quincy, MA I20879


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 BENT, Ebenezer III  17 Apr 1848Quincy, MA I52839
2 CRANE, Capt. Friend  27 Dec 1863Quincy, MA I20577
3 DELANEY, Mary Elizabeth  25 Sep 1924Quincy, MA I44768
4 DELANO, Leon Weston  1953Quincy, MA I61065
5 FENNO, Jesse  20 Jul 1827Quincy, MA I48365
6 FISHER, John Pearlee  1938Quincy, MA I42374
7 LEWIS, George W.  Jul 1934Quincy, MA I56577
8 LOOK, Evelyn M.  15 Jul 1969Quincy, MA I55403
9 LUCAS, Joel Shaw  10 Dec 1856Quincy, MA I40138
10 LUCAS, John Shaw Jr.  23 Jun 1901Quincy, MA I41035
11 MARSH, Lt. Alexander  7 Mar 1698Quincy, MA I19541
12 PALMA, Archangela C.  28 Oct 2020Quincy, MA I62254
13 PUFFER, Diana  1 Jan 1843Quincy, MA I2221
14 ROBERTS, William Bernard  1942Quincy, MA I39804
15 ROBERTS, William M.  7 Oct 1963Quincy, MA I53858
16 STEDMAN, Nancy  16 Jul 1879Quincy, MA I52840
17 TIMAYENIS, Alfreda Young  1960Quincy, MA I15904
18 WHITNEY, Lucy  7 May 1903Quincy, MA I47587


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 ALDEN, Ruth  Quincy, MA I46334
2 BASS, John  Quincy, MA I48437
3 BASS, Joseph  Quincy, MA I48436
4 BELCHER, Gregory  27 Nov 1674Quincy, MA I17790
5 BELCHER, Mary  Quincy, MA I19499
6 BELCHER, Moses  Quincy, MA I31630
7 BENT, Ebenezer III  Quincy, MA I52839
8 BENT, Ebenezer  Quincy, MA I20571
9 BLOWER, Alice  Quincy, MA I20041
10 BRACKETT, Richard  Quincy, MA I20042
11 COPELAND, Lawrence  Quincy, MA I1540
12 CRANE, Elvira Sumner  Quincy, MA I20572
13 CRANE, Henry  Quincy, MA I28151
14 DELANO, Leon Weston  Quincy, MA I61065
15 FLINT, Rev. Henry  Quincy, MA I46777
16 LOOK, Evelyn M.  Quincy, MA I55403
17 MARSH, Lt. Alexander  Mar 1698Quincy, MA I19541
18 MARSHALL, Ruth  Quincy, MA I58051
19 MUGFORD, Julia  Quincy, MA I39805
20 NEWCOMB, John  Quincy, MA I58050
21 ROBERTS, William Bernard  Quincy, MA I39804
22 ROBERTS, William M.  Quincy, MA I53858
23 STEDMAN, Nancy  Quincy, MA I52840
24 THOMPSON, Ellinor  Quincy, MA I30050
25 THOMPSON, William  Quincy, MA I26044
26 WHITNEY, Lucy  Quincy, MA I47587


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BAKER, Alice E.  1940Quincy, MA I62177
2 BAKER, Walter Nelson  1940Quincy, MA I43226
3 KEITH, John Cushman  1917Quincy, MA I12091
4 LANFAIR, Fred G.  1920Quincy, MA I23501
5 LANFAIR, Fred G.  1922Quincy, MA I23501
6 LANFAIR, Fred G.  1927Quincy, MA I23501
7 LANFAIR, Fred G.  1929Quincy, MA I23501
8 LANFAIR, Fred G.  1932Quincy, MA I23501
9 LANFAIR, Fred G.  1935Quincy, MA I23501
10 ROBERTS, Ruth Shirley  1938Quincy, MA I53861
11 ROBERTS, Ruth Shirley  1940Quincy, MA I53861
12 ROBERTS, William M.  1938Quincy, MA I53858
13 TIMAYENIS, Alfreda Young  1945Quincy, MA I15904
14 YOUNG, Marion  1951Quincy, MA I15086
15 YOUNG, Marion  1955Quincy, MA I15086


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 BENT / CRANE  3 Nov 1869Quincy, MA F3653
2 CAVANAUGH / NASH  25 Oct 1892Quincy, MA F20238
3 PUFFER / PRAY  24 Aug 1823Quincy, MA F8507
4 WHITNEY / CARTER  15 Nov 1891Quincy, MA F3328


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Residence    Family ID 
1 BAKER / BATTING  1930Quincy, MA F21372
2 BAKER / SCANLAN  1940Quincy, MA F24526
3 NOTA / PALMA  1950Quincy, MA F24562
4 ROBERTS / MUGFORD  1930Quincy, MA F13902
5 TIMAYENIS / YOUNG  1940Quincy, MA F2301