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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Almenta F.  22 Aug 1849Columbia Falls, ME I36857
2 ALLEN, Benjamin Jones  19 Jan 1848Columbia Falls, ME I36812
3 ALLEN, Clarendon Nepere  26 Feb 1857Columbia Falls, ME I23160
4 ALLEN, John Redman  24 Sep 1853Columbia Falls, ME I23164
5 ALLEN, Joseph S.  31 Jan 1819Columbia Falls, ME I34569
6 ALLEN, Susie C. Ethel  27 Apr 1886Columbia Falls, ME I36780
7 ALLEN, William  Sep 1834Columbia Falls, ME I49155
8 ALLEN, Capt. William Prescott  19 Aug 1842Columbia Falls, ME I23162
9 CLARK, Albert L.  7 Nov 1871Columbia Falls, ME I37443
10 CLARK, Albert L. Sr.  7 Nov 1871Columbia Falls, ME I60569
11 CLARK, Lafayette  Abt 1848Columbia Falls, ME I37442
12 COFFIN, Deacon David  8 Feb 1787Columbia Falls, ME I14855
13 COFFIN, David Whitten  14 Dec 1814Columbia Falls, ME I46001
14 COFFIN, Jane  25 Mar 1807Columbia Falls, ME I45991
15 COFFIN, Jason Clapp  17 Apr 1816Columbia Falls, ME I36934
16 COFFIN, John W.  20 Jul 1818Columbia Falls, ME I46003
17 COFFIN, Joseph Whitten  11 Jan 1824Columbia Falls, ME I46009
18 COFFIN, Maria Ann  7 Jul 1826Columbia Falls, ME I36933
19 COFFIN, Mary W.  9 Jul 1809Columbia Falls, ME I45992
20 COFFIN, Nancy C.  22 Sep 1810Columbia Falls, ME I45993
21 COFFIN, Reuben Dyer  14 Mar 1812Columbia Falls, ME I45985
22 COFFIN, Richard  24 Oct 1822Columbia Falls, ME I46008
23 COFFIN, Sophia  19 Apr 1821Columbia Falls, ME I46006
24 COFFIN, Susan  28 Jul 1813Columbia Falls, ME I45997
25 COTTON, Alice Maude  1 May 1903Columbia Falls, ME I47314
26 DONOVAN, Jennie Etta  23 Feb 1879Columbia Falls, ME I37089
27 DORR, Annie Lovey  12 Apr 1869Columbia Falls, ME I37256
28 DORR, Arlene M.  6 Aug 1923Columbia Falls, ME I53143
29 DORR, Benjamin Eli  13 May 1899Columbia Falls, ME I37510
30 DORR, Cora A.  13 Apr 1861Columbia Falls, ME I39946
31 DORR, Elmer E.  Jan 1862Columbia Falls, ME I39948
32 DORR, Harvey  25 May 1901Columbia Falls, ME I63221
33 DORR, Irving M.  18 Feb 1903Columbia Falls, ME I63220
34 DORR, Julia Emma  6 Mar 1863Columbia Falls, ME I50136
35 DORR, Orrin H.  26 Mar 1899Columbia Falls, ME I60541
36 DORR, Rose Frances  6 Feb 1905Columbia Falls, ME I63222
37 DRISKO, Chandler Robbins  5 May 1799Columbia Falls, ME I14906
38 DRISKO, Eri Haskell  25 Sep 1877Columbia Falls, ME I36781
39 DRISKO, Frances M.  10 Feb 1909Columbia Falls, ME I57141
40 DRISKO, Harry E.  16 Feb 1878Columbia Falls, ME I56001
41 DRISKO, Hattie Elizabeth  27 Dec 1887Columbia Falls, ME I36869
42 DRISKO, Hughene R.  23 Nov 1915Columbia Falls, ME I57144
43 DRISKO, Keith Clark  28 Jun 1912Columbia Falls, ME I57143
44 DRISKO, Mae Emma  2 Mar 1880Columbia Falls, ME I55997
45 DRISKO, Ruth Elizabeth  12 Jun 1871Columbia Falls, ME I52803
46 FARNSWORTH, Priscilla B.  5 May 1858Columbia Falls, ME I11250
47 FOSS, Margaret Annie  26 Apr 1871Columbia Falls, ME I60225
48 FOSS, Marjorie L.  23 Mar 1918Columbia Falls, ME I36848
49 FRENCH, Julia E.  9 Feb 1893Columbia Falls, ME I9085
50 FRENCH, Venleson Everett  15 Mar 1841Columbia Falls, ME I37432
51 GALEN, Alison I  9 May 1929Columbia Falls, ME I36794
52 GALEN, Christine  26 May 1924Columbia Falls, ME I36792
53 GALEN, Ernest E.  28 Feb 1919Columbia Falls, ME I36793
54 GALEN, Julia D.  25 Nov 1921Columbia Falls, ME I36795
55 GALEN, Keller L  7 Sep 1915Columbia Falls, ME I36785
56 GALEN, Louise A  1 Oct 1913Columbia Falls, ME I36797
57 GALEN, Maurice J.  16 Mar 1928Columbia Falls, ME I36796
58 GALEN, Stephen D  5 Jun 1911Columbia Falls, ME I36783
59 GRANT, Carrie  26 Aug 1900Columbia Falls, ME I36841
60 GRANT, Clara B.  11 Mar 1892Columbia Falls, ME I37259
61 GRANT, Clayton  Mar 1870Columbia Falls, ME I37487
62 GRANT, Edward  8 Apr 1876Columbia Falls, ME I36831
63 GRANT, Emma L.  12 Aug 1907Columbia Falls, ME I36824
64 GRANT, Floris Mazie  29 Dec 1916Columbia Falls, ME I56820
65 GRANT, Forester P.  7 May 1872Columbia Falls, ME I36823
66 GRANT, Foriester W.  17 Oct 1902Columbia Falls, ME I36846
67 GRANT, Gladys Merle  10 Jan 1922Columbia Falls, ME I56821
68 GRANT, Glenis Muriel  10 Jan 1922Columbia Falls, ME I54250
69 GRANT, Herman Elwell  Sep 1861Columbia Falls, ME I54253
70 GRANT, Iva Mae  26 Aug 1900Columbia Falls, ME I36842
71 GRANT, Joseph Clementine  21 Oct 1859Columbia Falls, ME I45623
72 GRANT, Josephine B.  1 Jun 1883Columbia Falls, ME I37217
73 GRANT, Kenneth E.  10 Nov 1918Columbia Falls, ME I56823
74 GRANT, Laura Catherine  6 Jun 1894Columbia Falls, ME I36843
75 GRANT, Leeman Joel  12 Jul 1884Columbia Falls, ME I54251
76 GRANT, Leeman Rexford Sr.  20 Aug 1909Columbia Falls, ME I56822
77 GRANT, Leon C.  12 Apr 1906Columbia Falls, ME I36825
78 GRANT, Lettie Lee  31 May 1881Columbia Falls, ME I37486
79 GRANT, Lovey Worcester  17 Sep 1874Columbia Falls, ME I37485
80 GRANT, Nettie E.  25 Jan 1897Columbia Falls, ME I21190
81 GRANT, Russell E.  26 Oct 1914Columbia Falls, ME I54700
82 GRANT, Wilbur Clayton Sr.  19 Oct 1896Columbia Falls, ME I36815
83 HARTFORD, Franklin D.  Apr 1870Columbia Falls, ME I48928
84 HARTFORD, Lettie E.  Dec 1875Columbia Falls, ME I36822
85 HATHAWAY, Hoyt Harden  28 Apr 1882Columbia Falls, ME I51455
86 HATHAWAY, John Dillingham  29 Jan 1839Columbia Falls, ME I49764
87 HATHAWAY, John Dillinham Jr.  18 Apr 1873Columbia Falls, ME I53334
88 HATHAWAY, Josie Eleanor  6 Jun 1875Columbia Falls, ME I54411
89 HATHAWAY, Mary Ann  16 Dec 1879Columbia Falls, ME I54413
90 HATHAWAY, Reginald D.  13 Sep 1908Columbia Falls, ME I55104
91 HATHAWAY, Roger Clifford  12 May 1893Columbia Falls, ME I51459
92 HATHAWAY, Winfield Scott  29 Jul 1877Columbia Falls, ME I54412
93 HIGGINS, Donald Stillman  25 Aug 1910Columbia Falls, ME I60260
94 HIGGINS, Lucy F.  3 Dec 1883Columbia Falls, ME I47975
95 INGERSOLL, Arnold  26 Mar 1911Columbia Falls, ME I56410
96 INGERSOLL, Ella May  8 Nov 1876Columbia Falls, ME I48636
97 INGERSOLL, Forest Manly  13 Jul 1871Columbia Falls, ME I41920
98 INGERSOLL, Lucy E.  17 Mar 1907Columbia Falls, ME I36860
99 INGERSOLL, Percy Talbot  28 Apr 1890Columbia Falls, ME I54714
100 INGERSOLL, Selmar Victor L.  23 Apr 1859Columbia Falls, ME I37466
101 INGERSOLL, Vera Gladys  7 Jan 1894Columbia Falls, ME I45297
102 LEIGHTON, Mary Celestia  29 Aug 1832Columbia Falls, ME I37429
103 LEIGHTON, Ruth May  3 Jul 1875Columbia Falls, ME I53335
104 LOOK, Lester Sumner  12 Apr 1883Columbia Falls, ME I61848
105 LOW, Rev. Gilbert Irving  Jun 1864Columbia Falls, ME I50327
106 MATTHEWS, Charles Henry Sr.  19 Feb 1873Columbia Falls, ME I41313
107 MORRIS, Benjamin Winslow  14 Feb 1879Columbia Falls, ME I50579
108 NASH, Harriet E.  1841Columbia Falls, ME I49153
109 NASH, John  25 Sep 1806Columbia Falls, ME I2434
110 NASH, John Fairfield  26 Sep 1848Columbia Falls, ME I36799
111 NASH, Latitia Jane  Nov 1845Columbia Falls, ME I2435
112 NASH, Malvina D.  1836Columbia Falls, ME I49152
113 NASH, Mida  1867Columbia Falls, ME I5232
114 NASH, Nancy Caroline  Aug 1851Columbia Falls, ME I2436
115 NASH, Ransom Elliot  12 Jun 1817Columbia Falls, ME I22894
116 NORTON, George Harris  7 Dec 1859Columbia Falls, ME I36855
117 OSGOOD, Benjamin S.  9 Oct 1826Columbia Falls, ME I48172
118 OSGOOD, Stephen B.  17 Feb 1822Columbia Falls, ME I48171
119 PETERSON, Inez Evelyn  27 Jun 1877Columbia Falls, ME I36834
120 PETERSON, Pelham Bonney  14 Sep 1833Columbia Falls, ME I11508
121 PINEO, Alice Maude  8 Jan 1875Columbia Falls, ME I47185
122 PINEO, Emma  1872Columbia Falls, ME I56912
123 PINEO, George E.  28 Nov 1877Columbia Falls, ME I47976
124 PINEO, Harriet Sturgis  21 Sep 1895Columbia Falls, ME I36820
125 PINEO, Ida May  29 May 1871Columbia Falls, ME I37122
126 PINEO, Joel W.  1 Apr 1915Columbia Falls, ME I50801
127 PREBLE, Leander  10 Oct 1808Columbia Falls, ME I45998
128 PUFFER, Elijah Redman  29 Jul 1834Columbia Falls, ME I36788
129 PUFFER, Embert  Abt 1865Columbia Falls, ME I36786
130 PUFFER, Susanna Arabella  28 Jul 1843Columbia Falls, ME I18384
131 PUFFER, Susanna S.  31 Aug 1817Columbia Falls, ME I23289
132 PUFFER, Winthrop Jefferson  22 Dec 1838Columbia Falls, ME I37419
133 REYNOLDS, Linwood Scott  30 Jul 1913Columbia Falls, ME I61864
134 ROCKWELL, Alice May  8 Apr 1931Columbia Falls, ME I56744
135 SMITH, Ada M.  25 Apr 1882Columbia Falls, ME I33017
136 SMITH, Eben Eri  10 Mar 1875Columbia Falls, ME I22792
137 SMITH, Esther Lula  2 Nov 1879Columbia Falls, ME I33016
138 SMITH, Ethel A.  16 Sep 1885Columbia Falls, ME I33018
139 SMITH, Eva Bell A.  25 Dec 1855Columbia Falls, ME I37161
140 SMITH, Inabell  1875Columbia Falls, ME I61613
141 SMITH, Mildred Almena  12 May 1913Columbia Falls, ME I36811
142 STEVENS, Ellery Green  31 Jan 1838Columbia Falls, ME I53242
143 TABBUTT, Amos Worcester  21 Oct 1827Columbia Falls, ME I49280
144 TABBUTT, Boy  CA 1837Columbia Falls, ME I60805
145 TABBUTT, Catherine W.  Apr 1822Columbia Falls, ME I58969
146 TABBUTT, Elizabeth Magee  1 Jul 1844Columbia Falls, ME I37393
147 TABBUTT, Emeline Bradford  2 Oct 1830Columbia Falls, ME I36945
148 TABBUTT, Frank H.  1884Columbia Falls, ME I42129
149 TABBUTT, John Crowley  21 Aug 1814Columbia Falls, ME I60781
150 TABBUTT, Lenora L.  4 Jun 1882Columbia Falls, ME I56910
151 TABBUTT, Louisa M.  17 Sep 1825Columbia Falls, ME I44860
152 TABBUTT, Lucinda Worcester  Oct 1842Columbia Falls, ME I37120
153 TABBUTT, Lysander  1858Columbia Falls, ME I58974
154 TABBUTT, Mary Ella  28 Apr 1868Columbia Falls, ME I58957
155 TABBUTT, Moses  1 Jun 1788Columbia Falls, ME I37360
156 TABBUTT, Sarah Drisko  17 Feb 1850Columbia Falls, ME I37400
157 TABBUTT, Susan Joy  14 Oct 1819Columbia Falls, ME I20592
158 TABBUTT, Zephariah  CA 1856Columbia Falls, ME I58973
159 TABBUTT\TIBBETTS, Alta V.  6 Apr 1867Columbia Falls, ME I57066
160 TABBUTT\TIBBETTS, Cora Avilla  27 Mar 1867Columbia Falls, ME I57077
161 TENNEY, Esther  1 Jun 1831Columbia Falls, ME I48633
162 TIBBETTS, Alva  1812Columbia Falls, ME I60777
163 TIBBETTS, Amanda E.  CA 1854Columbia Falls, ME I58972
164 TIBBETTS, Andrew Jackson  25 Aug 1832Columbia Falls, ME I60796
165 TIBBETTS, Antoinette Sophia  Jan 1850Columbia Falls, ME I49765
166 TIBBETTS, Baby Boy  CA 1810Columbia Falls, ME I60776
167 TIBBETTS, Baby Girl  CA 1822Columbia Falls, ME I60778
168 TIBBETTS, Benjamin Franklin  9 Apr 1821Columbia Falls, ME I60783
169 TIBBETTS, Caroline W.  23 Apr 1818Columbia Falls, ME I37447
170 TIBBETTS, Charles Garfield  9 Apr 1878Columbia Falls, ME I49989
171 TIBBETTS, Charlotte W.  27 Mar 1882Columbia Falls, ME I37521
172 TIBBETTS, Donald Worcester  27 May 1924Columbia Falls, ME I56919
173 TIBBETTS, Ebenezer  CA 1808Columbia Falls, ME I56810
174 TIBBETTS, Ellen Madora  13 Jan 1859Columbia Falls, ME I8455
175 TIBBETTS, Enoch Lincoln  3 May 1829Columbia Falls, ME I60803
176 TIBBETTS, Florence A.  Sep 1874Columbia Falls, ME I37520
177 TIBBETTS, Frances Wass  6 Jun 1823Columbia Falls, ME I60784
178 TIBBETTS, Gilbert Lafayette  14 Jan 1834Columbia Falls, ME I60797
179 TIBBETTS, Harry Scott  23 Feb 1895Columbia Falls, ME I56907
180 TIBBETTS, Henry H.  1806Columbia Falls, ME I60774
181 TIBBETTS, Jerome B.  23 Dec 1831Columbia Falls, ME I36791
182 TIBBETTS, Joseph H.  5 Feb 1808Columbia Falls, ME I60775
183 TIBBETTS, Lydia D.  May 1850Columbia Falls, ME I41628
184 TIBBETTS, Mary E. H.  1827Columbia Falls, ME I60802
185 TIBBETTS, Milton Hillman  18 Jun 1857Columbia Falls, ME I39947
186 TIBBETTS, Nancy M.  1820Columbia Falls, ME I60798
187 TIBBETTS, Otis Smith  18 Mar 1813Columbia Falls, ME I60780
188 TIBBETTS, Otis Smith  18 Mar 1813Columbia Falls, ME I36804
189 TIBBETTS, Phebe T.  CA 1824Columbia Falls, ME I60800
190 TIBBETTS, Phoebe A.  CA 1847Columbia Falls, ME I58975
191 TIBBETTS, Priscilla E.  13 May 1927Columbia Falls, ME I56906
192 TIBBETTS, Ralph B.  Jul 1871Columbia Falls, ME I56911
193 TIBBETTS, Richard Allen  1878Columbia Falls, ME I56404
194 TIBBETTS, Samuel Hillman  3 Jun 1816Columbia Falls, ME I37332
195 TIBBETTS\TABBUTT, Betsey Sophia  CA Jan 1832Columbia Falls, ME I48728
196 TRACY, Amos L.  1828Columbia Falls, ME I47840
197 TRACY, Asa Merrill  4 Apr 1865Columbia Falls, ME I47839
198 TRACY, Ethel Lillian  29 Mar 1916Columbia Falls, ME I60542
199 TUCKER, Bertha Emma  16 Apr 1881Columbia Falls, ME I50337
200 TUCKER, Willard Henry  12 May 1883Columbia Falls, ME I53503

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Matches 1 to 161 of 161

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Ebenezer F.  1 Jan 1909Columbia Falls, ME I59638
2 ALLEN, Frank K.  1925Columbia Falls, ME I49263
3 ALLEN, Joseph S.  6 Jun 1889Columbia Falls, ME I34569
4 ALLEN, Prudence  15 May 1871Columbia Falls, ME I37430
5 ALLEN, William  1910Columbia Falls, ME I49155
6 ALLEN, William Hillman  6 Jun 1891Columbia Falls, ME I37448
7 ALLEY, Nancy Ann  19 Jan 1894Columbia Falls, ME I54254
8 BENNER, Helen S.  Mar 1986Columbia Falls, ME I58630
9 BOHANON, Trucilla  31 Aug 1986Columbia Falls, ME I51881
10 BUCKNAM, William  1 Jan 1829Columbia Falls, ME I50769
11 COFFIN, Ellen Amanda  9 Oct 1899Columbia Falls, ME I14857
12 COFFIN, Jason Clapp  24 Dec 1878Columbia Falls, ME I36934
13 COFFIN, Julia Emma  13 Nov 1913Columbia Falls, ME I37306
14 COFFIN, Mary W.  20 Jan 1885Columbia Falls, ME I45992
15 CONLEY, Benjamin D.  23 Sep 1878Columbia Falls, ME I37325
16 COTTON, Beverly Ann  12 Aug 2009Columbia Falls, ME I63002
17 CROWLEY, Permelia Amelia  1929Columbia Falls, ME I36833
18 CUMMINGS, Tamson Willey  18 May 1875Columbia Falls, ME I14593
19 DALBY, Elizabeth Martin  4 Jan 1980Columbia Falls, ME I56564
20 DORR, Daniel L.  20 Aug 1863Columbia Falls, ME I37387
21 DORR, Esther A.  24 Apr 1914Columbia Falls, ME I37505
22 DORR, Harvey  27 Jul 1907Columbia Falls, ME I63221
23 DORR, Levi B.  31 Oct 1912Columbia Falls, ME I19069
24 DORR, Luther Ingersoll  3 Oct 1918Columbia Falls, ME I49362
25 DORR, Mary Ann  7 Jul 1870Columbia Falls, ME I37347
26 DORR, Moses Worcester  13 Nov 1902Columbia Falls, ME I36904
27 DORR, Orrin H.  6 Apr 1973Columbia Falls, ME I60541
28 DRISKO, Catherine L.  7 Sep 1887Columbia Falls, ME I36941
29 DRISKO, Eri Hathaway  5 Jan 1878Columbia Falls, ME I14907
30 DRISKO, George Camelo  25 Oct 1943Columbia Falls, ME I36875
31 DRISKO, Keith Clark  21 Oct 1996Columbia Falls, ME I57143
32 DRISKO, Samuel Getchell Jr.  28 Dec 1865Columbia Falls, ME I37482
33 FARDY, Ellen  4 Sep 1920Columbia Falls, ME I36790
34 FARNSWORTH, Charlotte Chamberland  30 Sep 1929Columbia Falls, ME I61847
35 FARNSWORTH, Hatley\Holley Emerson  6 Dec 1906Columbia Falls, ME I2220
36 FARNSWORTH, Joseph W.  19 Mar 1903Columbia Falls, ME I11249
37 FARNSWORTH, Mary F.  1941Columbia Falls, ME I11251
38 FOGG, Betsey  21 Oct 1874Columbia Falls, ME I8311
39 FRENCH, Freeman Worcester Sr.  15 Mar 1874Columbia Falls, ME I37142
40 FRENCH, Freeman Worcester Jr.  6 Dec 1941Columbia Falls, ME I6300
41 FRENCH, Julia E.  21 Jul 1895Columbia Falls, ME I9085
42 FRENCH, Ursula S.  3 Apr 1916Columbia Falls, ME I37249
43 GALEN, Maurice J.  21 Sep 1996Columbia Falls, ME I36796
44 GALEN, Stephen D  26 Oct 1978Columbia Falls, ME I36783
45 GRANT, Bassom Dorr  16 Aug 1887Columbia Falls, ME I18409
46 GRANT, Elsie  17 May 1903Columbia Falls, ME I18406
47 GRANT, Emma L.  17 Sep 1907Columbia Falls, ME I36824
48 GRANT, Ephraim  28 Feb 1909Columbia Falls, ME I37339
49 GRANT, Herman Elwell  5 Nov 1938Columbia Falls, ME I54253
50 GRANT, Howard I.  27 Dec 1917Columbia Falls, ME I45622
51 GRANT, John Billings Jr  25 Nov 1947Columbia Falls, ME I19387
52 GRANT, Joseph Clementine  20 Nov 1925Columbia Falls, ME I45623
53 GRANT, Lt. Robert Dalby  20 Oct 1981Columbia Falls, ME I56567
54 GRANT, Russell E.  15 Dec 1926Columbia Falls, ME I54700
55 GRAY, Eugene W.  27 Dec 1913Columbia Falls, ME I54717
56 HARTFORD, Daniel Webster  2 Feb 1964Columbia Falls, ME I48924
57 HATHAWAY, John Dillingham  13 Aug 1921Columbia Falls, ME I49764
58 HATHAWAY, John Dillinham Jr.  1 Sep 1935Columbia Falls, ME I53334
59 HATHAWAY, Josie Eleanor  1889Columbia Falls, ME I54411
60 HATHAWAY, Mary Ann  1889Columbia Falls, ME I54413
61 HATHAWAY, Winfield Scott  1889Columbia Falls, ME I54412
62 HAYCOCK, Bertha Estella  1941Columbia Falls, ME I36837
63 HAYCOCK, Melvin Harris  29 Jan 1917Columbia Falls, ME I36836
64 HIGGINS, Harold Walker  31 Dec 1893Columbia Falls, ME I44654
65 HIGGINS, Lucy F.  1962Columbia Falls, ME I47975
66 HIGGINS, Seth Hampden  5 Jun 1975Columbia Falls, ME I37250
67 HIGGINS, Stillman  6 Feb 1936Columbia Falls, ME I36978
68 INGERSOLL, Fred Pike  8 May 1907Columbia Falls, ME I41919
69 INGERSOLL, Irene Young  14 Jan 1890Columbia Falls, ME I37391
70 INGERSOLL, Lorenzo Porter  1910Columbia Falls, ME I45990
71 INGERSOLL, Nathaniel  16 Oct 1857Columbia Falls, ME I3905
72 INGERSOLL, Nathaniel Jr.  20 Sep 1883Columbia Falls, ME I21087
73 INGERSOLL, Selmar Victor L.  24 Feb 1935Columbia Falls, ME I37466
74 KELLEY, Emma Jane  8 Dec 1998Columbia Falls, ME I37229
75 LEIGHTON, Leslie F.  23 Sep 1941Columbia Falls, ME I36988
76 LEIGHTON, Levi L.  7 Oct 1912Columbia Falls, ME I37232
77 LEIGHTON, Mary Ann  11 May 1896Columbia Falls, ME I36967
78 LEIGHTON, Ruth May  18 May 1945Columbia Falls, ME I53335
79 LOOK, Abigail F.  29 Mar 1919Columbia Falls, ME I19204
80 LOOK, Eugene Belmore  5 Aug 1915Columbia Falls, ME I61846
81 LOOK, Lester Sumner  3 Jul 1965Columbia Falls, ME I61848
82 LOOK, Ray Francis  20 Nov 1982Columbia Falls, ME I36810
83 LOW, Enoch A. Sr.  11 Nov 1869Columbia Falls, ME I36942
84 LOW, Irene  14 Jan 1890Columbia Falls, ME I46503
85 MAGEE, Elizabeth  23 Dec 1844Columbia Falls, ME I37118
86 MAGEE, Emma H.  1924Columbia Falls, ME I19953
87 MESERVE, Catherine R.  6 Sep 1892Columbia Falls, ME I36938
88 NASH, Duncan McCall  24 Nov 1876Columbia Falls, ME I40286
89 NASH, John  13 Apr 1880Columbia Falls, ME I2434
90 NASH, John Fairfield  7 Aug 1907Columbia Falls, ME I36799
91 NASH, Josuha Isaac  15 Sep 1900Columbia Falls, ME I62969
92 NASH, Latitia Jane  1870Columbia Falls, ME I2435
93 NASH, Malvina D.  10 Mar 1896Columbia Falls, ME I49152
94 NASH, Susanna C. Shaw  Aft 1836Columbia Falls, ME I17947
95 PETERSON, Alvah  3 Jan 1874Columbia Falls, ME I11506
96 PETERSON, Pelham Bonney  9 Nov 1917Columbia Falls, ME I11508
97 PINEO, Abigail Watts  19 Mar 1893Columbia Falls, ME I9854
98 PINEO, Eliza Watts  8 Dec 1908Columbia Falls, ME I11252
99 PINEO, Emma  1950Columbia Falls, ME I56912
100 PINEO, Ephraim C.  31 Jan 1897Columbia Falls, ME I62585
101 PINEO, George E.  5 Mar 1914Columbia Falls, ME I47976
102 PUFFER, Elijah Elmore  4 Aug 1888Columbia Falls, ME I36088
103 PUFFER, Elizabeth Roberta L.  14 Jun 1984Columbia Falls, ME I37357
104 PUFFER, Jerusha Ann  2 Aug 1890Columbia Falls, ME I34568
105 RAMSDELL, Cordelia Wilson  20 Feb 1904Columbia Falls, ME I6415
106 RAMSDELL, Donna A.  10 May 2007Columbia Falls, ME I57147
107 RANDALL, Alonzo  10 Jul 1903Columbia Falls, ME I54566
108 ROBINSON, William Pitt  9 Jan 1840Columbia Falls, ME I60752
109 ROCKWELL, John Edward  15 May 1867Columbia Falls, ME I48634
110 SIMMONS, Margaret Augusta  25 Feb 1918Columbia Falls, ME I53336
111 SMITH, Harriett J.  27 Jul 1897Columbia Falls, ME I37333
112 SMITH, Mildred Almena  27 Jul 1914Columbia Falls, ME I36811
113 STANWOOD, Alice  8 Jun 1870Columbia Falls, ME I18590
114 TABBUT, Emvesta Abra  18 Oct 1898Columbia Falls, ME I23725
115 TABBUTT, Blanche W.  14 May 1981Columbia Falls, ME I56837
116 TABBUTT, Boy  CA 1842Columbia Falls, ME I60805
117 TABBUTT, Catherine W.  2 Feb 1899Columbia Falls, ME I58969
118 TABBUTT, Elizabeth Robinson  21 Jun 1873Columbia Falls, ME I36937
119 TABBUTT, Emeline Bradford  27 Mar 1861Columbia Falls, ME I36945
120 TABBUTT, Helena Augusta  23 Jan 1920Columbia Falls, ME I36832
121 TABBUTT, Lucinda Worcester  13 Feb 1914Columbia Falls, ME I37120
122 TABBUTT, Moses  30 Jul 1866Columbia Falls, ME I37360
123 TABBUTT, Rufus  20 May 1883Columbia Falls, ME I37361
124 TABBUTT, Susan Joy  1 Mar 1886Columbia Falls, ME I20592
125 TENNEY, Augustus Henry  12 Feb 1911Columbia Falls, ME I7579
126 TENNEY, Esther  31 Dec 1912Columbia Falls, ME I48633
127 TENNEY, Phidelia R.  5 Jul 1902Columbia Falls, ME I7577
128 TENNEY, Uriah Nash  9 Apr 1875Columbia Falls, ME I7578
129 TIBBETTS, Charles Garfield  1951Columbia Falls, ME I49989
130 TIBBETTS, Donald Worcester  13 Nov 2015Columbia Falls, ME I56919
131 TIBBETTS, Ebenezer  26 Feb 1873Columbia Falls, ME I56810
132 TIBBETTS, Jeremiah  25 Apr 1875Columbia Falls, ME I58970
133 TIBBETTS, Jerome B.  4 Oct 1914Columbia Falls, ME I36791
134 TIBBETTS, Otis Smith  28 Jun 1879Columbia Falls, ME I36804
135 TIBBETTS, Robert Scott  21 Mar 2009Columbia Falls, ME I56921
136 TIBBETTS, Zimry Drisko  25 Aug 1886Columbia Falls, ME I56835
137 TRACY, Amos L.  31 Jan 1888Columbia Falls, ME I47840
138 TRACY, Asa Merrill  5 Aug 1926Columbia Falls, ME I47839
139 TRACY, Dennis  CA 1840Columbia Falls, ME I48533
140 TUCKER, Sara  27 Mar 1885Columbia Falls, ME I37143
141 WASS, Mary N.  1881Columbia Falls, ME I46499
142 WILLIAMSON, Johanna  4 Apr 1872Columbia Falls, ME I11507
143 WORCESTER, Abijah  3 Aug 1918Columbia Falls, ME I36983
144 WORCESTER, Amos II  25 Sep 1911Columbia Falls, ME I37113
145 WORCESTER, Bertha Emily  5 Apr 1981Columbia Falls, ME I18100
146 WORCESTER, Doris B.  23 May 1945Columbia Falls, ME I49986
147 WORCESTER, Emma  29 Jun 1902Columbia Falls, ME I36851
148 WORCESTER, Ethel E.  9 Nov 1882Columbia Falls, ME I49829
149 WORCESTER, Hannah Leighton  10 Dec 1890Columbia Falls, ME I21666
150 WORCESTER, Harvey B.  22 Feb 1913Columbia Falls, ME I37158
151 WORCESTER, James  1840Columbia Falls, ME I58380
152 WORCESTER, Marie  26 Apr 1991Columbia Falls, ME I56908
153 WORCESTER, Mary Elizabeth  1835Columbia Falls, ME I58379
154 WORCESTER, Moses J.  11 Oct 1918Columbia Falls, ME I47505
155 WORCESTER, Ora Vesta  30 Aug 1895Columbia Falls, ME I51539
156 WORCESTER, Philander Abbott  8 Sep 1942Columbia Falls, ME I56909
157 WORCESTER, Queen Bessie  18 Mar 1984Columbia Falls, ME I36975
158 WORCESTER, Willard W.  15 Nov 1882Columbia Falls, ME I49830
159 WORCESTER, William Wesley  10 Jul 1958Columbia Falls, ME I37511
160 WRIGHT, Phebe  1886Columbia Falls, ME I37425
161 YOUNG, Rowland Van Buren  25 Dec 1920Columbia Falls, ME I37239


Matches 1 to 98 of 98

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Alice Puffer  Columbia Falls, ME I36813
2 ALLEN, Benjamin Jones  Columbia Falls, ME I36812
3 ALLEN, Ebenezer F.  Columbia Falls, ME I59638
4 ALLEN, Frances D.  Columbia Falls, ME I41918
5 ALLEN, Maggie  Columbia Falls, ME I37011
6 ALLEN, Mary  Columbia Falls, ME I54718
7 ALLEN, Sarah F.  Columbia Falls, ME I42781
8 BENNER, Lula Eliza  Columbia Falls, ME I60568
9 BRIDGHAM, Arlie Nelson  Columbia Falls, ME I37137
10 BRIDGHAM, Mary Helen  Columbia Falls, ME I37441
11 BUCKNAM, William  Columbia Falls, ME I50769
12 CALER, Caroline F.  Columbia Falls, ME I11147
13 CHAMBERLAIN, Charlotte  Columbia Falls, ME I40316
14 COFFIN, Ellen Amanda  Columbia Falls, ME I14857
15 COFFIN, Mary W.  Columbia Falls, ME I45992
16 CROWLEY, Permelia Amelia  Columbia Falls, ME I36833
17 DORR, Julia Ann  Columbia Falls, ME I19071
18 DORR, Levi B.  Columbia Falls, ME I19069
19 DORR, Luther Ingersoll  5 Oct 1918Columbia Falls, ME I49362
20 DORR, Orrin H.  Columbia Falls, ME I60541
21 DRISKO, Abigail  Columbia Falls, ME I50762
22 FARNSWORTH, Charlotte Chamberland  Columbia Falls, ME I61847
23 FARNSWORTH, Joseph W.  Columbia Falls, ME I11249
24 FRENCH, Julia E.  Columbia Falls, ME I9085
25 FRENCH, Mary Pendlegras  Columbia Falls, ME I24228
26 FRENCH, Talbot Smith  Columbia Falls, ME I37198
27 GRANT, Clayton  Columbia Falls, ME I37487
28 GRANT, Hannah L.  Columbia Falls, ME I5543
29 GRANT, Leeman Joel  Columbia Falls, ME I54251
30 GRANT, Rufus M.  Columbia Falls, ME I36997
31 GRANT, Russell E.  Columbia Falls, ME I54700
32 GRANT, Shirley  Columbia Falls, ME I51530
33 GRAY, Eugene W.  Columbia Falls, ME I54717
34 HATHAWAY, John Dillingham  Columbia Falls, ME I49764
35 HATHAWAY, Josie Eleanor  Columbia Falls, ME I54411
36 HATHAWAY, Mary Ann  Columbia Falls, ME I54413
37 HATHAWAY, Roger Clifford  16 Jul 1919Columbia Falls, ME I51459
38 HATHAWAY, Winfield Scott  Columbia Falls, ME I54412
39 HAYCOCK, Melvin Harris  Columbia Falls, ME I36836
40 HIGGINS, Harold Walker  Columbia Falls, ME I44654
41 HIGGINS, Rosa A.  Columbia Falls, ME I37253
42 INGERSOLL, Forest Manly  Columbia Falls, ME I41920
43 INGERSOLL, Fred Pike  Columbia Falls, ME I41919
44 INGERSOLL, Nathaniel  Columbia Falls, ME I3905
45 INGERSOLL, Nathaniel Jr.  Columbia Falls, ME I21087
46 INGERSOLL, Uriah Nash  Columbia Falls, ME I37364
47 LEIGHTON, Lorana L.  Columbia Falls, ME I62586
48 LEIGHTON, Warren Gilbert  Columbia Falls, ME I41545
49 LOOK, Abigail F.  Columbia Falls, ME I19204
50 LOOK, Eugene Belmore  Columbia Falls, ME I61846
51 LOOK, Lester Sumner  Columbia Falls, ME I61848
52 MORRIS, Benjamin Winslow  Columbia Falls, ME I50579
53 MYERS, Elizabeth C.  Columbia Falls, ME I41848
54 NASH, John Fairfield  Columbia Falls, ME I36799
55 NASH, Josuha Isaac  Columbia Falls, ME I62969
56 PETERSON, Alvah  Columbia Falls, ME I11506
57 PETERSON, Inez Evelyn  Columbia Falls, ME I36834
58 PETERSON, Pelham Bonney  Columbia Falls, ME I11508
59 PINEO, Benjamin C.  Columbia Falls, ME I6416
60 PINEO, Benjamin L.  Columbia Falls, ME I41627
61 PINEO, Eliza Watts  Columbia Falls, ME I11252
62 PINEO, Ephraim C.  Columbia Falls, ME I62585
63 PINEO, Gamaliel  Columbia Falls, ME I40315
64 PINEO, George Elmer  Columbia Falls, ME I6414
65 PINEO, Otis Edson  Columbia Falls, ME I37440
66 PUFFER, Jerusha Ann  Columbia Falls, ME I34568
67 PUFFER, John Sr.  Columbia Falls, ME I35057
68 RAMSDELL, Cordelia Wilson  Columbia Falls, ME I6415
69 REYNOLDS, Angie L.  Columbia Falls, ME I54252
70 SAWYER, Sophronia E.  Columbia Falls, ME I18389
71 SMALL, Augusta A.  Columbia Falls, ME I20594
72 SMITH, Harvey Holly  Columbia Falls, ME I13882
73 SMITH, Josie Ethelyn  Columbia Falls, ME I18392
74 SMITH, Julia N.  Columbia Falls, ME I59640
75 STANWOOD, Catherine Redman  Columbia Falls, ME I18591
76 TABBUT, John Crowley II  Columbia Falls, ME I23724
77 TABBUTT, Alva Alvah  Columbia Falls, ME I37509
78 TABBUTT, Ambrose Snow  Columbia Falls, ME I50043
79 TABBUTT, Catherine W.  Columbia Falls, ME I58969
80 TABBUTT, Susan Joy  Columbia Falls, ME I20592
81 TENNEY, Mercy S.  Columbia Falls, ME I62970
82 TIBBETTS, Florence A.  Columbia Falls, ME I37520
83 TIBBETTS, Otis Smith  Columbia Falls, ME I36804
84 TUCKER, Emma Augusta  Columbia Falls, ME I23752
85 WASS, Grace H.  Columbia Falls, ME I41921
86 WASS, Hattie A.  Columbia Falls, ME I36881
87 WASS, Jerome P.  Columbia Falls, ME I42780
88 WASS, Lucy C.  Columbia Falls, ME I23726
89 WILLIAMSON, Johanna  Columbia Falls, ME I11507
90 WORCESTER, Emma  Columbia Falls, ME I36851
91 WORCESTER, George E.  Columbia Falls, ME I49827
92 WORCESTER, Martha  Jul 1808Columbia Falls, ME I2123
93 WORCESTER, Willard M.  Columbia Falls, ME I49831
94 YOUNG, Charles S.  Columbia Falls, ME I22675
95 YOUNG, Emma E.  Columbia Falls, ME I37238
96 YOUNG, Gleason C.  Columbia Falls, ME I36805
97 YOUNG, Irving Melrose  Columbia Falls, ME I37233
98 YOUNG, Sadie E.  Columbia Falls, ME I20418


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 TABBUTT, Rufus D.  Feb 1865Columbia Falls, ME I51615
2 WASS, Susanna Shaw  7 Apr 1787Columbia Falls, ME I37010


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Gideon  Columbia Falls, ME I16159
2 DORR, Levi B.  Between 1870 and 1900Columbia Falls, ME I19069
3 INGERSOLL, William Jr.  Aft 1779Columbia Falls, ME I8321
4 NASH, Isaac  Columbia Falls, ME I17951
5 NASH, Ransom Elliot  Columbia Falls, ME I22894


Matches 1 to 148 of 148

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ALBEE, Everett Nathan  1940Columbia Falls, ME I44655
2 ALLEN, Eloise Imogene  1930Columbia Falls, ME I23555
3 ALLEN, Embert Nelson  1880Columbia Falls, ME I37039
4 ALLEN, Embert Nelson  1920Columbia Falls, ME I37039
5 ALLEN, James A.  1870Columbia Falls, ME I6285
6 ALLEN, Josephus  1880Columbia Falls, ME I36880
7 ALLEN, Cpl. Leroy Alphonso  1930Columbia Falls, ME I23556
8 BENNER, Chester Ezra  1910Columbia Falls, ME I52096
9 BENNER, Helen S.  1920Columbia Falls, ME I58630
10 BENNER, Helen S.  1930Columbia Falls, ME I58630
11 BENNER, John Palmer  1920Columbia Falls, ME I58629
12 BENNER, John Palmer  1930Columbia Falls, ME I58629
13 C, Lydia  1880Columbia Falls, ME I51919
14 DAWES, Flora Mae  1930Columbia Falls, ME I56884
15 DAWES, Leander  1930Columbia Falls, ME I56881
16 DORR, Elmer E.  1870Columbia Falls, ME I39948
17 DORR, Herbert Philander  1870Columbia Falls, ME I13299
18 DORR, Orrin H.  1950Columbia Falls, ME I60541
19 DORR, Richard Barfield  1870Columbia Falls, ME I36884
20 DRISKO, Catherine L.  1880Columbia Falls, ME I36941
21 DRISKO, Grace E.  1880Columbia Falls, ME I36940
22 DRISKO, Inez W.  1900Columbia Falls, ME I36876
23 DRISKO, Mildred Etta  1910Columbia Falls, ME I36874
24 FARDY, Ellen  1910Columbia Falls, ME I36790
25 FARNSWORTH, Mary F.  1940Columbia Falls, ME I11251
26 FARNSWORTH, Susan E.  1870Columbia Falls, ME I59619
27 FLARITY, Nellie D.  1880Columbia Falls, ME I60224
28 FLOYD, Aurilla F.  1870Columbia Falls, ME I36982
29 FLOYD, Aurilla F.  1880Columbia Falls, ME I36982
30 FLOYD, Aurilla F.  1900Columbia Falls, ME I36982
31 FLOYD, Aurilla F.  1910Columbia Falls, ME I36982
32 FORUS, Katherine  1900Columbia Falls, ME I54290
33 FORUS, Katherine  1930Columbia Falls, ME I54290
34 FRENCH, Syldania  1880Columbia Falls, ME I37234
35 GALEN, Alison I  1930Columbia Falls, ME I36794
36 GALEN, Charles Stephen  1930Columbia Falls, ME I36784
37 GALEN, Christine  1930Columbia Falls, ME I36792
38 GALEN, Ernest E.  1930Columbia Falls, ME I36793
39 GALEN, Hugh S.  1930Columbia Falls, ME I37044
40 GALEN, Julia D.  1930Columbia Falls, ME I36795
41 GALEN, Keller L  1930Columbia Falls, ME I36785
42 GALEN, Louise A  1930Columbia Falls, ME I36797
43 GALEN, Maurice J.  1930Columbia Falls, ME I36796
44 GALEN, Stephen D  1930Columbia Falls, ME I36783
45 GALEN, Thomas Frank  1930Columbia Falls, ME I36798
46 GRANT, Clara B.  1910Columbia Falls, ME I37259
47 GRANT, Flora F  1910Columbia Falls, ME I36816
48 GRANT, Gladys Merle  1930Columbia Falls, ME I56821
49 GRANT, Helen R.  1910Columbia Falls, ME I36835
50 GRANT, John Billings Jr  1900Columbia Falls, ME I19387
51 GRANT, John Billings Jr  1910Columbia Falls, ME I19387
52 GRANT, Leighton  1930Columbia Falls, ME I56568
53 GRANT, Leighton  1940Columbia Falls, ME I56568
54 GRANT, Levonia E  1900Columbia Falls, ME I36814
55 GRANT, Louisa Emma  1880Columbia Falls, ME I50736
56 GRANT, Mildred  1910Columbia Falls, ME I36817
57 GRANT, Wilbur Clayton Sr.  1910Columbia Falls, ME I36815
58 HAYCOCK, Bertha Estella  1880Columbia Falls, ME I36837
59 HAYCOCK, Bertha Estella  1900Columbia Falls, ME I36837
60 HAYCOCK, Bertha Estella  1930Columbia Falls, ME I36837
61 HAYCOCK, Bertha Estella  1940Columbia Falls, ME I36837
62 INGERSOLL, Clara Lee  1870Columbia Falls, ME I2770
63 INGERSOLL, Clara Lee  1880Columbia Falls, ME I2770
64 INGERSOLL, George E.  1880Columbia Falls, ME I58977
65 INGERSOLL, Percy Talbot  1940Columbia Falls, ME I54714
66 LEIGHTON, Horace Mann  1910Columbia Falls, ME I37231
67 LEIGHTON, Levi L.  1880Columbia Falls, ME I37232
68 LEIGHTON, Levi L.  1900Columbia Falls, ME I37232
69 LEIGHTON, Levi L.  1910Columbia Falls, ME I37232
70 LEIGHTON, Margaret  1870Columbia Falls, ME I36885
71 LOOK, Lincoln Noyes  1910Columbia Falls, ME I53225
72 LOOK, Pauline  1930Columbia Falls, ME I36809
73 MANSFIELD, Thomas  1790Columbia Falls, ME I21784
74 NASH, Charles M.  1880Columbia Falls, ME I37109
75 NASH, Emily M.  1880Columbia Falls, ME I37108
76 NASH, Frances A.  1880Columbia Falls, ME I37105
77 NASH, Gilbert M.  1880Columbia Falls, ME I37106
78 PINEO, Benjamin L.  1880Columbia Falls, ME I41627
79 ROCKWELL, Clara Idella  1870Columbia Falls, ME I37465
80 ROCKWELL, Clara Idella  1880Columbia Falls, ME I37465
81 SMITH, Auramanda Puffer  1880Columbia Falls, ME I2771
82 SMITH, Frances Electa  1930Columbia Falls, ME I37197
83 TABBUT, Emvesta Abra  1880Columbia Falls, ME I23725
84 TABBUTT, Alva Alvah  1880Columbia Falls, ME I37509
85 TABBUTT, Caroline Belle  1900Columbia Falls, ME I36981
86 TABBUTT, Lysander  1870Columbia Falls, ME I58974
87 TABBUTT, Mary  1790Columbia Falls, ME I18166
88 TABBUTT, Rufus D.  1870Columbia Falls, ME I51615
89 TABBUTT, Rufus D.  1880Columbia Falls, ME I51615
90 TABBUTT, Rufus D.  1920Columbia Falls, ME I51615
91 TABBUTT, Zephariah  1870Columbia Falls, ME I58973
92 TABBUTT\TIBBETTS, Cora Avilla  1880Columbia Falls, ME I57077
93 TABBUTT\TIBBETTS, James Augustus  1 Jul 1863Columbia Falls, ME I37086
94 TABBUTT\TIBBETTS, Richard A.  1880Columbia Falls, ME I57078
95 TENNEY, Augustus Henry  Jun 1880Columbia Falls, ME I7579
96 TENNEY, Uriah Nash  1870Columbia Falls, ME I7578
97 TIBBETTS, Alva  1880Columbia Falls, ME I60777
98 TIBBETTS, Amanda E.  1870Columbia Falls, ME I58972
99 TIBBETTS, Amanda E.  1880Columbia Falls, ME I58972
100 TIBBETTS, Antoinette Sophia  1870Columbia Falls, ME I49765
101 TIBBETTS, Antoinette Sophia  1920Columbia Falls, ME I49765
102 TIBBETTS, Charles Garfield  1930Columbia Falls, ME I49989
103 TIBBETTS, Donald Worcester  1930Columbia Falls, ME I56919
104 TIBBETTS, Harry Scott  1910Columbia Falls, ME I56907
105 TIBBETTS, Jerome B.  1 Jul 1863Columbia Falls, ME I36791
106 TIBBETTS, Jerome B.  1910Columbia Falls, ME I36791
107 TIBBETTS, Malcom  1930Columbia Falls, ME I56923
108 TIBBETTS, Phoebe A.  1880Columbia Falls, ME I58975
109 TUCKER, Audora A.  1880Columbia Falls, ME I53507
110 TUCKER, Francis B.  1880Columbia Falls, ME I53506
111 TUCKER, George W.  1880Columbia Falls, ME I53509
112 TUCKER, Mary A.  1880Columbia Falls, ME I53505
113 TUCKER, Venleson L.  1880Columbia Falls, ME I53508
114 TURNER, Everett E.  1930Columbia Falls, ME I54288
115 WASS, Lucy C.  1880Columbia Falls, ME I23726
116 WASS, Lucy C.  1900Columbia Falls, ME I23726
117 WASS, Lucy C.  1910Columbia Falls, ME I23726
118 WHITTEN, Sarah J.  1930Columbia Falls, ME I56839
119 WORCESTER, Abijah  1870Columbia Falls, ME I36983
120 WORCESTER, Abijah  1880Columbia Falls, ME I36983
121 WORCESTER, Abijah  1900Columbia Falls, ME I36983
122 WORCESTER, Charles C.  1930Columbia Falls, ME I37115
123 WORCESTER, Clement Uriah  1870Columbia Falls, ME I53322
124 WORCESTER, Fidelia  1910Columbia Falls, ME I56832
125 WORCESTER, Hattie  1880Columbia Falls, ME I47972
126 WORCESTER, Julia Elaine  2020Columbia Falls, ME I58947
127 WORCESTER, Lomenia Miranda  1910Columbia Falls, ME I37240
128 WORCESTER, Lomenia Miranda  1920Columbia Falls, ME I37240
129 WORCESTER, Sarah C.  1900Columbia Falls, ME I37411
130 WORCESTER, Zelotus  1870Columbia Falls, ME I47970
131 YOUNG, Bessie M.  1910Columbia Falls, ME I37242
132 YOUNG, Bessie M.  1920Columbia Falls, ME I37242
133 YOUNG, Charles E.  1880Columbia Falls, ME I36808
134 YOUNG, Colin Melvin  1900Columbia Falls, ME I37394
135 YOUNG, Hellen A.  1880Columbia Falls, ME I36806
136 YOUNG, Howard M.  1910Columbia Falls, ME I37245
137 YOUNG, Howard M.  1910Columbia Falls, ME I37245
138 YOUNG, Irving H.  1910Columbia Falls, ME I37243
139 YOUNG, Irving H.  1910Columbia Falls, ME I37243
140 YOUNG, Irving H.  1920Columbia Falls, ME I37243
141 YOUNG, Iva May  1880Columbia Falls, ME I36807
142 YOUNG, Mabel I.  1880Columbia Falls, ME I37235
143 YOUNG, Rowland Van Buren  1870Columbia Falls, ME I37239
144 YOUNG, Rowland Van Buren  1880Columbia Falls, ME I37239
145 YOUNG, Rowland Van Buren  1910Columbia Falls, ME I37239
146 YOUNG, Rowland Van Buren  1920Columbia Falls, ME I37239
147 YOUNG, William Wallace  1880Columbia Falls, ME I22671
148 YOUNG, William Wallace  1910Columbia Falls, ME I22671


Matches 1 to 63 of 63

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 ALBEE / HIGGINS  29 Feb 1896Columbia Falls, ME F16143
2 BUTLER / NASH  19 May 1865Columbia Falls, ME F18248
3 CLARK / BENNER  21 Jul 1900Columbia Falls, ME F23729
4 CLEAVES / DRISKO  2 May 1910Columbia Falls, ME F19011
5 DONOVAN / STEELE  26 Jun 1875Columbia Falls, ME F10578
6 DORR / ALLEN  17 Oct 1896Columbia Falls, ME F20680
7 DORR / MERRITT  14 Mar 1874Columbia Falls, ME F10794
8 DORR / TRACY  23 Jun 1934Columbia Falls, ME F23712
9 DORR / WORCESTER  4 Jul 1868Columbia Falls, ME F10448
10 DORR / WORCESTER  13 Oct 1906Columbia Falls, ME F21852
11 DORR / YOUNG  8 Sep 1900Columbia Falls, ME F13437
12 DUNBAR / SMITH  5 Nov 1871Columbia Falls, ME F10525
13 FARNSWORTH / DORR  17 Jun 1871Columbia Falls, ME F20697
14 FARNSWORTH / STOUT  3 Nov 1891Columbia Falls, ME F10444
15 FOSS / PINEO  4 Oct 1912Columbia Falls, ME F10445
16 GRANT / HARTFORD  15 Apr 1893Columbia Falls, ME F15095
17 GRANT / HARTFORD  24 May 1893Columbia Falls, ME F10552
18 GRANT / INGERSOLL  3 Feb 1912Columbia Falls, ME F16448
19 GRANT / INGERSOLL  25 Nov 1922Columbia Falls, ME F10450
20 GRANT / ROCKWELL  12 Oct 1948Columbia Falls, ME F21811
21 GRANT / TABBUTT  4 Sep 1864Columbia Falls, ME F10637
22 GRANT / TABBUTT  20 Jul 1893Columbia Falls, ME F10638
23 GRAY / ALLEN  1881Columbia Falls, ME F20771
24 HARTFORD / GRANT  2 Oct 1872Columbia Falls, ME F10557
25 HATHAWAY / DRISKO  29 Nov 1910Columbia Falls, ME F18542
26 HATHAWAY / TIBBETTS  1870Columbia Falls, ME F18543
27 HIGGINS / TROTTER  12 Sep 1905Columbia Falls, ME F17718
28 INGERSOLL / ALLEN  3 Sep 1865Columbia Falls, ME F14905
29 LEGACY / DRISKO  23 Jun 1915Columbia Falls, ME F18854
30 LIBBY / SMITH  4 Jan 1890Columbia Falls, ME F10523
31 MCGEE / MITCHELL  Abt 1767Columbia Falls, ME F10447
32 NASH / SPRINGER  24 Nov 1840Columbia Falls, ME F10435
33 NASH / TENNEY  30 Dec 1859Columbia Falls, ME F24903
34 NORTON / DORR  23 Oct 1880Columbia Falls, ME F10627
35 NORTON / INGERSOLL  20 Dec 1872Columbia Falls, ME F17007
36 NORTON / MAGEE  30 Apr 1851Columbia Falls, ME F10449
37 NORTON / TABBUTT  10 Jul 1880Columbia Falls, ME F20700
38 PINEO / YOUNG  21 Jun 1884Columbia Falls, ME F14865
39 PUFFER / WORCESTER  23 Feb 1905Columbia Falls, ME F10528
40 SMALL / WORCESTER  25 Jul 1912Columbia Falls, ME F20998
41 SMITH / SAWYER  10 Jan 1874Columbia Falls, ME F2966
42 SMITH / SMITH  30 Mar 1905Columbia Falls, ME F10451
43 TABBUTT / FARNSWORTH  24 Oct 1893Columbia Falls, ME F19417
44 TABBUTT / GRANT  15 Oct 1907Columbia Falls, ME F15009
45 TABBUTT / MAGEE  13 Sep 1838Columbia Falls, ME F10602
46 TABBUTT / WORCESTER  24 Aug 1830Columbia Falls, ME F20085
47 TIBBETTS / DORR  24 Dec 1880Columbia Falls, ME F13956
48 TIBBETTS / WORCESTER  15 Nov 1917Columbia Falls, ME F18641
49 TIBBETTS / WORCESTER  26 Dec 1920Columbia Falls, ME F21892
50 TRACY / WORCESTER  11 Jan 1893Columbia Falls, ME F17652
51 TUCKER / WORCESTER  1 Apr 1871Columbia Falls, ME F18806
52 WATTS / ALLEN  17 Nov 1867Columbia Falls, ME F10551
53 WILSON / HIGGINS  17 Apr 1901Columbia Falls, ME F18931
54 WORCESTER / ALLEN  30 May 1914Columbia Falls, ME F19380
55 WORCESTER / GRANT  8 Aug 1914Columbia Falls, ME F17495
56 WORCESTER / MAWHINNEY  9 Aug 1905Columbia Falls, ME F10605
57 WORCESTER / NASH  4 Apr 1866Columbia Falls, ME F18154
58 WORCESTER / REED  2 Sep 1933Columbia Falls, ME F22603
59 WORCESTER / TABBUTT  14 Apr 1900Columbia Falls, ME F21893
60 WORCESTER / TIBBETTS  18 Apr 1945Columbia Falls, ME F21891
61 WORCESTER / TRACY  12 Jul 1883Columbia Falls, ME F17496
62 YOUNG / DONOVAN  12 May 1902Columbia Falls, ME F18654
63 YOUNG / TABBUTT  3 Jul 1869Columbia Falls, ME F10772


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Family    Residence    Family ID 
1 ALBEE / HIGGINS  1910Columbia Falls, ME F16143
2 ALBEE / HIGGINS  1920Columbia Falls, ME F16143
3 ALBEE / HIGGINS  1930Columbia Falls, ME F16143
4 ALLEN / FARNSWORTH  1900Columbia Falls, ME F19031
5 ALLEN / TABBUTT  1900Columbia Falls, ME F10493
6 BENNER / WORCESTER  1920Columbia Falls, ME F20791
7 BENNER / WORCESTER  1930Columbia Falls, ME F20791
8 CLARK / BENNER  1910Columbia Falls, ME F23729
9 CLARK / BENNER  1940Columbia Falls, ME F23729
10 DORR / YOUNG  1900Columbia Falls, ME F18652
11 DORR / YOUNG  1910Columbia Falls, ME F18652
12 FARNSWORTH / PINEO  1870Columbia Falls, ME F816
13 FRENCH / PETERSON  1900Columbia Falls, ME F10537
14 GRANT / BAYLEY  2002Columbia Falls, ME F21812
15 GRANT / MAGEE  1900Columbia Falls, ME F16602
16 HATHAWAY / TIBBETTS  1880Columbia Falls, ME F18543
17 HATHAWAY / TIBBETTS  1910Columbia Falls, ME F18543
18 HURLBERT / GRANT  1940Columbia Falls, ME F18066
19 INGERSOLL / ROCKWELL  1930Columbia Falls, ME F10728
20 NASH / WORCESTER  1880Columbia Falls, ME F10650
21 SPRAGUE / GRANT  1930Columbia Falls, ME F18065
22 TABBUTT / DORR  1870Columbia Falls, ME F10824
23 TABBUTT / REED  1870Columbia Falls, ME F24586
24 TABBUTT / REED  1880Columbia Falls, ME F24586
25 TIBBETTS / PINEO  1900Columbia Falls, ME F21894
26 TIBBETTS / PINEO  1910Columbia Falls, ME F21894
27 TIBBETTS / TABBUTT  1870Columbia Falls, ME F22978
28 TIBBETTS / WORCESTER  1880Columbia Falls, ME F21851
29 TIBBETTS / WORCESTER  1900Columbia Falls, ME F21851
30 TIBBETTS / WORCESTER  1920Columbia Falls, ME F18641
31 TIBBETTS / WORCESTER  1940Columbia Falls, ME F21892
32 TUCKER / WORCESTER  1880Columbia Falls, ME F18806
33 WASS / MCCARTY  1900Columbia Falls, ME F20404
34 WILSON / HIGGINS  1910Columbia Falls, ME F18931
35 WORCESTER / CUMMINGS  1870Columbia Falls, ME F10461
36 WORCESTER / TABBUTT  1900Columbia Falls, ME F21893