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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anne of Denmark  12 Dec 1574Denmark I49744
2 Danpi  Abt 395Denmark I25206
3 Gottfried Prince of Denmark King of Haithbu  Abt 852Denmark I11408
4 Gunhilde Queen of Denmark  Abt 930Denmark I11368
5 Margaret of Denmark, Queen of Scots  23 Jun 1456Denmark I4747
6 Olaf  Abt 540Denmark I30217
7 Sven I King of Denmark  Abt 960Denmark I6896
8 Thora Queen of Denmark  Abt 873Denmark I31301
9 Thyre Queen of Denmark  Abt 844Denmark I31727
10 ALFSDATTER, Gauthild Gyrithe  Abt 614Denmark I9323
11 BJORNSSON, Siward  Abt 1020Denmark I9813
12 BOHN, Adolph Joseph  25 Sep 1825Denmark I20893
13 CLAUSEN, Andrew  27 Oct 1843Denmark I53754
14 DANSSON, Frodi  Abt 433Denmark I25204
15 DEGUINES, Sigefried  905Denmark I8052
16 DENMARK, Ulfhild of  Abt 1024Denmark I24023
17 DREWSON, John W.  23 Jun 1875Denmark I44467
18 FRIDLEIFSSON, Frodi  Abt 479Denmark I26204
19 FRIDLEIFSSON, Haver  Abt 325Denmark I25210
20 FRIDLEIFSSON, Olaf  Abt 477Denmark I26198
21 FRODASSON, Fridleif  Abt 456Denmark I26199
22 FRODASSON, Frodi  Abt 505Denmark I26207
23 FRODASSON, Halfdan  Abt 454Denmark I25203
24 FRODASSON, Halfdan  Abt 503Denmark I26206
25 FRODASSON, Ingjald  Abt 501Denmark I26205
26 FRODASSON, Vermund  Abt 369Denmark I25208
27 GANDOLFSDATTER, Alfhild  Abt 735Denmark I31390
28 GANDOLFSSON, Haki  Abt 741Denmark I31392
29 GANDOLFSSON, Helsing  Abt 739Denmark I31391
30 GANDOLFSSON, Hysing  Abt 737Denmark I31393
31 GORMSDATTER, Gunhild Queen of Norway  Abt 904Denmark I31726
32 GORMSON, Knud Prince of Denmark  Abt 866Denmark I31728
33 GORMSSON, Harald I  Abt 910Denmark I6894
34 HALFDANSSON, Ivar King in Sweden  Abt 612Denmark I9324
35 HANSEN, Charles F.  1871Denmark I49106
36 HANSEN, Svend Valdemar  20 Jul 1918Denmark I44398
37 HARALDSDATTER, Thyra Queen of Norway  Abt 947Denmark I31300
38 HARALDSDATTER, Thyra Queen of Norway  Abt 947Denmark I6892
39 HARALDSSON, Hakon Prince of Denmark  Abt 930Denmark I31725
40 HARDEKNUDSDATTER, Gudrid  Abt 842Denmark I31724
41 HAVARSSON, Frodi  Abt 347Denmark I25209
42 HELGASDATTER, Yrsa  Abt 565Denmark I30219
43 HROARSSON, Valdar  Abt 547Denmark I11118
44 JESSEN, Peter J.  17 Nov 1872Denmark I44866
45 KNUDSEN, Eline C.  Jan 1860Denmark I48975
46 KNUTSSON, Gorm King of Denmark  CA 880Denmark I31723
47 MICHELSON, Johanna  7 Oct 1870Denmark I57506
48 NELSON, Alfred  1890Denmark I61555
49 OLAFSSON, Alf  Abt 580Denmark I13170
50 OLAFSSON, Dan  Abt 412Denmark I25205
51 PETERSON, Marius  1887Denmark I62310
52 RADBARTSSON, Randver  Abt 670Denmark I9322
53 RAGNARSSON, Bjorn  Abt 777Denmark I12952
54 RAGNARSSON, Hvitserk  Abt 790Denmark I31800
55 RAGNARSSON, Ivar  Abt 787Denmark I31799
56 RAGNARSSON, Rognvald  Abt 791Denmark I31798
57 RAGNARSSON, Sigurd  Abt 786Denmark I26640
58 RANDERVERSSON, Sigurd King in Sweden  Abt 730Denmark I31394
59 SIGURDSDATTER, Aslaug  Abt 765Denmark I27231
60 ULFIUSSON\ ESTRIDSEN, Biorn Bjorn  Abt 1021Denmark I13265
61 VERMUNDSSON, Olaf  Abt 391Denmark I25207


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Gorm King of Denmark  958Denmark I10210
2 Gottfried Prince of Denmark King of Haithbu  Abt 885Denmark I11408
3 Thyra  Bef 958Denmark I10211
4 FRIDLEIFSSON, Frodi  Abt 500Denmark I26204
5 PLUMMER, Lewis  Denmark I61050
6 SVENDSDATTER, Estrid Margarete Princess of Denmark  9 May 1047Denmark I13266


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 HALFDANSSON /   Abt 564Denmark F7222
2 HALFDANSSON / ALFSDATTER  Abt 632Denmark F6593
4 KNUTSSON /   Abt 897Denmark F7176
5 LODBROK / SIGURDSDATTER  Abt 783Denmark F7196
6 VERMUNDSSON /   Abt 411Denmark F6057