Puffer Genealogy

Hennepin County, MN



Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 EWING, Mary Pearl  15 Jan 1936Hennepin County, MN I23161
2 GREEN, Floyd Albert  18 Mar 1936Hennepin County, MN I41911
3 GREEN, Louis Oliver  31 Dec 1939Hennepin County, MN I41910
4 HUNTZICKER, Alice Floreine  1 Jan 1918Hennepin County, MN I3326
5 KETTENACHER, Lillie Anna  29 Jun 1901Hennepin County, MN I13978
6 KLABUNDER, Charmil Eugene  30 May 1918Hennepin County, MN I57162
7 PLOOF, Gladys Marie  18 Jan 1910Hennepin County, MN I23890
8 PUFFER, Erik Charles  29 May 1981Hennepin County, MN I44568
9 PUFFER, Esther Irene  27 Nov 1911Hennepin County, MN I35908
10 PUFFER, Frances Devonna  25 May 1939Hennepin County, MN I9273
11 PUFFER, Lt. Lois Aileen  29 Jan 1920Hennepin County, MN I5159
12 PUFFER, Nancy Louise  2 Aug 1922Hennepin County, MN I19421
13 PUFFER, Patricia Ann  24 Apr 1940Hennepin County, MN I6266
14 PUFFER, Robert Allen  4 Sep 1931Hennepin County, MN I24391
15 PUFFER, Stephanie Carole  9 Jan 1967Hennepin County, MN I40948
16 PUFFER, Dr. Steven Covert  1 Feb 1946Hennepin County, MN I7172
17 PUFFER, Warren William  30 Apr 1937Hennepin County, MN I9269
18 REITAN, Burton Thomas  8 May 1930Hennepin County, MN I18088
19 UZPEN, Robert Louis Sr.  2 Apr 1926Hennepin County, MN I42979
20 YOUNG, Sumner Sullivan  17 Sep 1932Hennepin County, MN I43666
21 ZEH, Terri Ardell  2 May 1963Hennepin County, MN I35944


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 BATEMAN, Robert Palmer  4 Oct 1990Hennepin County, MN I51989
2 BREN, Albert Joseph Murdock  26 Mar 1980Hennepin County, MN I21940
3 BREN, Alice L.  28 Feb 1955Hennepin County, MN I21929
4 BREN, Daniel  1958Hennepin County, MN I21933
5 BREN, Dorothy Murdock  11 Oct 1975Hennepin County, MN I21939
6 BREN, Francis  20 Jan 1921Hennepin County, MN I21927
7 BREN, Marie J.  1903Hennepin County, MN I57018
8 BREN, Rosalia O.  1976Hennepin County, MN I21932
9 BREN, Ruth E.  1970Hennepin County, MN I57019
10 BREN, Samuel A.  1958Hennepin County, MN I21928
11 DUOOS, Arnold Edwin  20 Feb 2000Hennepin County, MN I43900
12 DUOOS, Mathias Ellingson  28 Sep 1965Hennepin County, MN I46091
13 ENGE, Joseph  2 Apr 1979Hennepin County, MN I35891
14 ERIKSDATTER AAFLOY, Lovise Marie  6 Feb 1964Hennepin County, MN I46092
15 FLYNN, Harry Edward  23 Dec 1972Hennepin County, MN I35947
16 GEDDES, Donald Northrup  21 Jul 1949Hennepin County, MN I35895
17 GREEN, Albert Louis  19 Oct 1956Hennepin County, MN I41909
18 GREEN, Floyd Albert  3 Dec 2011Hennepin County, MN I41911
19 GUISE, George Earl  6 Apr 1953Hennepin County, MN I35932
20 HOWARD, Laura Virginia  7 Mar 1889Hennepin County, MN I5687
21 JONES, Richard Egbert  3 Feb 1997Hennepin County, MN I54831
22 LEIGHTON, Lucretia H.  25 Dec 1904Hennepin County, MN I48648
23 LUNDBERG, Edna May  31 Dec 1937Hennepin County, MN I43010
24 MACLEAN, Glenn Walter  15 Mar 1977Hennepin County, MN I57205
25 MILNAR, Josephine  1898Hennepin County, MN I21934
26 PAWLICKI, Theresa Mary  3 Aug 1994Hennepin County, MN I49031
27 PUFFER, Cora V.  28 Jan 1890Hennepin County, MN I24673
28 PUFFER, Evelyn Marie  12 Apr 1979Hennepin County, MN I35892
29 PUFFER, Fred N.  21 Jul 1949Hennepin County, MN I35907
30 PUFFER, Ivan Alfred  10 Oct 1970Hennepin County, MN I3327
31 PUFFER, Stephanie Carole  11 Jan 1967Hennepin County, MN I40948
32 PUFFER, Walter Wales  23 Oct 1961Hennepin County, MN I23891
33 RIEL, Francis  Hennepin County, MN I35970
34 SLANGA, Cecelia E.  20 Mar 1957Hennepin County, MN I38468
35 SLANGA, Helene  10 Dec 1980Hennepin County, MN I38475
36 SLANGA, Thomas E.  5 Sep 1960Hennepin County, MN I38470
37 WOOLSON, Floyd Emmert  6 May 1993Hennepin County, MN I53397
38 YOUNG, Sumner Sullivan  4 Dec 1989Hennepin County, MN I43666


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 PUFFER, Stephanie Carole  Hennepin County, MN I40948


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 ARCHER, Laura Mae  28 Jul 1982Hennepin County, MN I47668


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 LUKEN, Oiva  Hennepin County, MN I35909
2 RIEL, Elizabeth  13 Jul 1870Hennepin County, MN I35950