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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adalbert Marquis Of Ivrea  Abt 947Italy I31258 Puffers 
2 Berenger King Of Italy  Abt 919Italy I30565 Puffers 
3 Bridget  CA 1862Italy I60695 Puffers 
4 Castella  5 Jun 1855Italy I7355 Puffers 
5 Catherina F.  1892Italy I1728 Puffers 
6 Elizabeth of Sicily Dutchess of Bavaria  Abt 1310Italy I13419 Puffers 
7 Ferdinand Ferrante I King of Naples  2 Jun 1423Italy I1130 Puffers 
8 Fiorella  1856Italy I2218 Puffers 
9 Frances M.  1903Italy I41479 Puffers 
10 Francesca  Abt 1874Italy I67241 Puffers 
11 Francesca  Abt 1874Italy I3249 Puffers 
12 Geremia  27 Aug 1890Italy I1032 Puffers 
13 Josephine  1891Italy I1059 Puffers 
14 Leonilda  Abt 1875Italy I11479 Puffers 
15 Marie  1874Italy I50003 Puffers 
16 Mary  CA 1884Italy I61367 Puffers 
17 Pasquella  CA 1845Italy I51453 Puffers 
18 Urracca Princess of Italy  Abt 974Italy I29963 Puffers 
19 ALMONTE, Bilva  22 Nov 1898Italy I60682 Puffers 
20 ANDREOZZI, Guiseppi  1888Italy I49995 Puffers 
21 ANNALDO, Arniboli  16 Feb 1913Italy I10747 Puffers 
22 ANNUNZIATA, Michael Sr.  CA 1901Italy I53702 Puffers 
23 APOSTOLICO, Angela Maria  1899Italy I51480 Puffers 
24 AZZO, Alberto of Milan I  Italy I12132 Puffers 
25 BAGLINI, Egidio  1889Italy I60678 Puffers 
26 BAGLINI, Joseph  1854Italy I60684 Puffers 
27 BAGLINI, Tomasso  1884Italy I60676 Puffers 
28 BALLARINO, Margherita  1888Italy I5514 Puffers 
29 BARTOLETTI, Christiana  20 Feb 1873Italy I51370 Puffers 
30 BELSITO, Lucia  24 May 1899Italy I43435 Puffers 
31 BUCCI, Mary M.  1896Italy I9738 Puffers 
32 BUCCI, Palma  1 Mar 1892Italy I15619 Puffers 
33 CALOCCI, Francesco  CA 1892Italy I60201 Puffers 
34 CANCELLIERE, Filomena  21 Jul 1886Italy I4902 Puffers 
35 CANCELLIERE, Marie  1915Italy I62349 Puffers 
36 CAPONE, Maria  CA 1910Italy I8792 Puffers 
37 CARANCI, Achille  7 Feb 1874Italy I4645 Puffers 
38 CARANCI, Achille  11 Feb 1882Italy I11198 Puffers 
39 CARANCI, Albert  4 Dec 1904Italy I126425 Puffers 
40 CARANCI, Allesandro  Abt 1857Italy I7483 Puffers 
41 CARANCI, Alterio  5 Jun 1855Italy I7354 Puffers 
42 CARANCI, Angela M.  1905Italy I5273 Puffers 
43 CARANCI, Angelina Domenica  1884Italy I2438 Puffers 
44 CARANCI, Angelo  1860Italy I11463 Puffers 
45 CARANCI, Angelo  CA 1870Italy I51449 Puffers 
46 CARANCI, Angelo Guy  29 Sep 1882Italy I126422 Puffers 
47 CARANCI, Anthony  CA 1870Italy I50002 Puffers 
48 CARANCI, Anthony  CA 1890Italy I44119 Puffers 
49 CARANCI, Anthony  1919Italy I47437 Puffers 
50 CARANCI, Antoinetta  1908Italy I4993 Puffers 
51 CARANCI, Antonetta  Abt 1862Italy I4989 Puffers 
52 CARANCI, Antonio  Abt 1873Italy I36013 Puffers 
53 CARANCI, Antonio  15 Sep 1878Italy I231 Puffers 
54 CARANCI, Antonio  Abt 1901Italy I68235 Puffers 
55 CARANCI, Antonio  Abt 1901Italy I4245 Puffers 
56 CARANCI, Antonio Benjamin  20 Feb 1898Italy I3051 Puffers 
57 CARANCI, Antonio Domenico  18 Dec 1915Italy I5550 Puffers 
58 CARANCI, Arturio  Abt 1855Italy I11830 Puffers 
59 CARANCI, Carmela  CA 1890Italy I56751 Puffers 
60 CARANCI, Carmella  21 Oct 1896Italy I5526 Puffers 
61 CARANCI, Carmine  Abt 1870Italy I13410 Puffers 
62 CARANCI, Carmino  Aug 1868Italy I64240 Puffers 
63 CARANCI, Carmino  Aug 1868Italy I229 Puffers 
64 CARANCI, Clemente  1873Italy I3250 Puffers 
65 CARANCI, Clotilde  CA 1878Italy I39624 Puffers 
66 CARANCI, Crescenza  Abt 1880Italy I6922 Puffers 
67 CARANCI, Decorosa  20 Mar 1877Italy I226 Puffers 
68 CARANCI, Dolorosa  CA 1811Italy I125868 Puffers 
69 CARANCI, Domenico  Abt 1857Italy I13989 Puffers 
70 CARANCI, Domenico Antonio  31 Mar 1888Italy I44116 Puffers 
71 CARANCI, Dominic  CA 1880Italy I51465 Puffers 
72 CARANCI, Dominick  7 Sep 1884Italy I38438 Puffers 
73 CARANCI, Elisa  CA 1868Italy I39623 Puffers 
74 CARANCI, Emira  CA 1874Italy I39626 Puffers 
75 CARANCI, Emma F.  1927Italy I1727 Puffers 
76 CARANCI, Florinda Teresa  24 Jul 1890Italy I2221 Puffers 
77 CARANCI, Francesco Antonio  4 Feb 1890Italy I1062 Puffers 
78 CARANCI, Frank  Italy I64238 Puffers 
79 CARANCI, Frank  Italy I227 Puffers 
80 CARANCI, Frank N.  1898Italy I1060 Puffers 
81 CARANCI, Gabriel Salvatore  10 Dec 1918Italy I44121 Puffers 
82 CARANCI, Gennaro  1827Italy I11164 Puffers 
83 CARANCI, Giovanni  Abt 1864Italy I9118 Puffers 
84 CARANCI, Joseph P.  1892Italy I1729 Puffers 
85 CARANCI, Libero L.  21 Oct 1902Italy I11202 Puffers 
86 CARANCI, Libro  Jun 1907Italy I11714 Puffers 
87 CARANCI, Nancy  12 Mar 1896Italy I5527 Puffers 
88 CARANCI, Nicola  CA 1850Italy I4460 Puffers 
89 CARANCI, Novio  Apr 1859Italy I230 Puffers 
90 CARANCI, Peter Paul  19 May 1874Italy I2470 Puffers 
91 CARANCI, Sabatino  1865Italy I5200 Puffers 
92 CARANCI, Sabatino  1909Italy I5274 Puffers 
93 CARANCI, Saverio  29 Mar 1907Italy I44114 Puffers 
94 CARANCI, Thomasina  Abt 1912Italy I11293 Puffers 
95 CARANCI, Vito  1938Italy I48895 Puffers 
96 CARANCI, Vito E.  1 Apr 1911Italy I4029 Puffers 
97 CARDARELLI, Giuseppina  1887Italy I1043 Puffers 
98 CARNEVALE, Maria F.  9 Nov 1893Italy I50006 Puffers 
99 CARRENTI, Angiolamaria  Abt 1883Italy I676 Puffers 
100 CARRENTI, George  1850Italy I9632 Puffers 
101 CARRENTI, George  1850Italy I73598 Puffers 
102 CARUOLO, Nicolina  1874Italy I53592 Puffers 
103 CASTELLANO, Nicola  1799Italy I51456 Puffers 
104 CATENI, Massiminia  CA 1860Italy I60675 Puffers 
105 CATONE, Enrichetta  1884Italy I48149 Puffers 
106 CIALLELLA, Domenica  CA 1892Italy I44117 Puffers 
107 CIOTALA, Maria Mary  1889Italy I1040 Puffers 
108 CIPRIANO, Carmella  21 Oct 1896Italy I3050 Puffers 
109 CIPRIANO, Jennie  1916Italy I22367 Puffers 
110 CIPRIANO, Michele  1893Italy I7866 Puffers 
111 CIRILLO, Luisa  CA 1850Italy I44104 Puffers 
112 CLARA, Iannacito  1875Italy I17372 Puffers 
113 COLLETTI, Delia  1883Italy I60679 Puffers 
114 CONTE, Louis  1886Italy I38458 Puffers 
115 CORRENTE  CA 1885Italy I22030 Puffers 
116 CORTALESE, Maria  CA 1892Italy I1061 Puffers 
117 D'ACCHIOLI, Maddalena  1895Italy I51455 Puffers 
118 DE NICOLA, Rose  30 Apr 1890Italy I44156 Puffers 
119 DEFUSCO, Imaculata  28 Oct 1885Italy I59346 Puffers 
120 DELEONARDIS, Josephine  9 Mar 1892Italy I61666 Puffers 
121 DERENTZ, Celestino  1884Italy I61659 Puffers 
122 DESANTO, Elizabeth  CA 1860Italy I52827 Puffers 
123 DI FRANCIA, Angelo  1870Italy I54436 Puffers 
124 DI SANTO, Anotnia  CA 1870Italy I51450 Puffers 
125 DICICCO, Giovanni  1852Italy I2219 Puffers 
126 DICIERO, Anna  2 Mar 1887Italy I45022 Puffers 
127 DIMARCO, Domenica  1865Italy I5199 Puffers 
128 DIMICHELE, Raffaele  1894Italy I51479 Puffers 
129 DINARDO, Minella  CA 1875Italy I44105 Puffers 
130 DIPIETRO, Maria  CA 1897Italy I60202 Puffers 
131 DISANDE, Antonia  CA 1862Italy I38440 Puffers 
132 DISANTIS, Frank  1888Italy I8572 Puffers 
133 DISANTO, Agatha  CA 1862Italy I11569 Puffers 
134 DISANTO, Anna  1868Italy I11713 Puffers 
135 DISANTO, Filomena  1866Italy I3404 Puffers 
136 DITRI, Pasquale  CA 1860Italy I37958 Puffers 
137 DONIA, Carmina  Abt 1868Italy I9117 Puffers 
138 DONNADIO, Teresa  17 Oct 1856Italy I38260 Puffers 
139 DURSI, Giovanna  27 Jun 1883Italy I4988 Puffers 
140 DURSI, Paolo  2 Feb 1859Italy I38261 Puffers 
141 DURSI, Rose  2 Mar 1892Italy I52810 Puffers 
142 DURSI, Vincent  CA 1836Italy I38460 Puffers 
143 ESPOSITO, Francesco  1873Italy I6845 Puffers 
144 ESPOSITO, Raffaele  10 Mar 1904Italy I6843 Puffers 
145 FIORE, Vincenzo  15 Nov 1872Italy I53591 Puffers 
146 FITZROGERS, Aaron  1303Italy I31084 Puffers 
147 FRADELLA, Camillo  1870Italy I52823 Puffers 
148 GALLUCCI, Giuseppina  1915Italy I48893 Puffers 
149 GELFUSO, Maria  26 May 1823Italy I54507 Puffers 
150 GIARDETTI, Emidiola  Abt 1882Italy I2895 Puffers 
151 GIGLIO, John  1885Italy I46547 Puffers 
152 GUARINO, Vincenzo  1874Italy I57596 Puffers 
153 GUGLIELMOTTI, Pasquale  1878Italy I9460 Puffers 
154 IACAMPO, Rosina  CA 1888Italy I62769 Puffers 
155 JADICICCO, Teresa  CA 1842Italy I10231 Puffers 
156 L, Mary  1888Italy I53305 Puffers 
157 LUPO, Demintrio  10 Sep 1899Italy I126824 Puffers 
158 MAINELLO, Christi  20 May 1898Italy I16545 Puffers 
159 MAISANO, John  Abt 1876Italy I15941 Puffers 
160 MANCINI, Francis S.  1892Italy I9739 Puffers 
161 MANCINI, Libro Anthony  Abt 1869Italy I11712 Puffers 
162 MANCINI, Rose Marie  20 Feb 1904Italy I23300 Puffers 
163 MARTINO, Mary  CA 1892Italy I44120 Puffers 
164 MARZUCCA, Angela Maria Concetta  8 Dec 1893Italy I8027 Puffers 
165 MASSARO, Santa  1895Italy I7865 Puffers 
166 MASTROGIACOMO, Nicholi  3 Mar 1888Italy I45021 Puffers 
167 MATTEO, Maria Carmina  29 May 1885Italy I2213 Puffers 
168 MEO, Angelica  1884Italy I8571 Puffers 
169 MIELE, Benedetto  CA 1930Italy I56759 Puffers 
170 MOLLO, Assunta  1888Italy I60677 Puffers 
171 MONTAGNO, Carmella  CA 1907Italy I53703 Puffers 
172 MONTEMURO, Angelina  10 Mar 1900Italy I62762 Puffers 
173 MUCCI, Francis P.  20 Apr 1907Italy I39114 Puffers 
174 NOVERO, Charles  1880Italy I37720 Puffers 
175 ORLANDO, Joseph J.  CA 1903Italy I51454 Puffers 
176 PAGNI, Mary  Italy I51466 Puffers 
177 PAMBIANCO, Peter J.  29 Jun 1872Italy I51369 Puffers 
178 PAOLUCCI, Cristina  1857Italy I8028 Puffers 
179 PERNA, Philomena G.  Abt 1880Italy I13988 Puffers 
180 PIACITELLI, Rose  1895Italy I49996 Puffers 
181 RICCI, Mary  19 Mar 1876Italy I5938 Puffers 
182 RICCIARDI, Maria L.  1881Italy I6844 Puffers 
183 RIZZI, Nellie  14 Nov 1872Italy I47047 Puffers 
184 ROMANO, Annantonio  1824Italy I9241 Puffers 
185 ROMANO, Annitale  Italy I44161 Puffers 
186 ROMANO, Domenico Antonio  30 May 1887Italy I51953 Puffers 
187 ROMANO, Filomena F.  3 Mar 1896Italy I3526 Puffers 
188 ROMANO, Gelsomino  1785Italy I452 Puffers 
189 ROMANO, Leonilda  1882Italy I48892 Puffers 
190 ROMANO, Michele  1864Italy I50697 Puffers 
191 ROMANO, Vincenzo Silvio Damiano  1829Italy I7485 Puffers 
192 ROMIGLIO, Michele  1868Italy I33011 Puffers 
193 SABETTA, Mary  1906Italy I2437 Puffers 
194 SABETTA, Thomas  1875Italy I2439 Puffers 
195 SANGIOVANNI, Angelo  1884Italy I9308 Puffers 
196 SANGIOVANNI, Maria  1885Italy I73273 Puffers 
197 SANGIOVANNI, Maria F.  1884Italy I9307 Puffers 
198 SANTAGAPITO, Giovannina  6 Jan 1886Italy I126424 Puffers 
199 SANTANGELO, Angelina D.  1902Italy I60665 Puffers 
200 SANTANGELO, Elizabeth  CA 1904Italy I60696 Puffers 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Louis the Younger, Emperor Of The Holy Roman Empire  31 Aug 875Italy I453 Puffers 
2 Louis II Emperor Of The Holy Roman Empire  31 Aug 875Italy I64462 Puffers 
3 Wachon King Of The Lombards  554Italy I8831 Puffers 
4 AZZO, Alberto of Milan I  1029Italy I12132 Puffers 
5 CAPUTO, Maria Rosa  Bef 1966Italy I11837 Puffers 
6 CARANCI, Antonio  Bef 2001Italy I68235 Puffers 
7 CARANCI, Ernest  Bef 1960Italy I24003 Puffers 
8 CARANCI, Francesco  Bef 1958Italy I13413 Puffers 
9 CARANCI, Libro  Jul 1907Italy I11714 Puffers 
10 CARANCI, Luigi  Mar 1915Italy I7862 Puffers 
11 CARANCI, Regina  1 Feb 1961Italy I39622 Puffers 
12 DISANTO, Anna  Aft 1868Italy I11713 Puffers 
13 MANCINI, Giovanni  17 Feb 1958Italy I5482 Puffers 
14 MANCINI, Libro Anthony  Bef 1969Italy I11712 Puffers 
15 MARZUCCA, Antonio  Bef 1994Italy I11832 Puffers 
16 MARZUCCA, Dante  Bef 2000Italy I11838 Puffers 
17 PUFFER, Corp. Loyd M.  19 Aug 1945Italy I16309 Puffers 
18 ROMANO, Annantonio  Italy I9241 Puffers 
19 ROMANO, Cresconcia Crescenza Maria  1939Italy I992 Puffers 
20 ROMANO, Vincenzo Silvio Damiano  Bef 1939Italy I7485 Puffers 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 CARANCI, Felice Antonio  1860Italy I3405 Puffers 
2 CARANCI, Francesco Antonio  1891Italy I1062 Puffers 
3 COLARUSSO, Felicia  1 Mar 1894Italy I1033 Puffers 
4 MANCINI, Anna  19 Sep 1891Italy I6165 Puffers 
5 RICCI, Mary  19 Mar 1878Italy I5938 Puffers 
6 SANGIOVANNI, Angelo  1886Italy I9308 Puffers 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 LUXEMBOURG, Jean II De  2 Jul 1397Italy I14156 Puffers 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 CARANCI, Vito  7 May 1931Italy I11480 Puffers 
2 ESPOSITO, Francesco  1905Italy I6845 Puffers 
3 RICCIARDI, Maria L.  1907Italy I6844 Puffers 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 CARANCI, Pietro A.  Italy I4641 Puffers 
2 MANCINI, Filomena  Italy I35999 Puffers 


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 /   909Italy F1368 Puffers 
2 CARANCI /   1876Italy F77 Puffers 
3 CARANCI / BUCCI  22 Oct 1924Italy F5792 Puffers 
4 CARANCI / DISANTO  Italy F10038 Puffers 
5 CARANCI / GALLUCCI  CA 1936Italy F18173 Puffers 
6 CARANCI / SCASSERRA  1903Italy F2428 Puffers 
7 CARLUCCI / CARANCI  CA 1894Italy F5756 Puffers 
8 MANCINI / VACCA  14 Oct 1894Italy F9804 Puffers 
9 PERRINO / BUCCI  1896Italy F20732 Puffers 
10 ROMANO / CARANCI  CA 1905Italy F12708 Puffers 
11 ROMANO / CARANCI  Bef 1920Italy F19589 Puffers 
12 VENEZIALE / DINARDO  CA 1880Italy F15936 Puffers