Puffer Genealogy

Jonesport, ME



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALLEY, Andrew Jackson  15 Nov 1856Jonesport, ME I58065 Puffers 
2 ALLEY, Closson Franklin  12 Jul 1905Jonesport, ME I41694 Puffers 
3 ALLEY, Gladys Myrtle  12 Apr 1894Jonesport, ME I38669 Puffers 
4 ALLEY, Harry L.  9 Mar 1956Jonesport, ME I44187 Puffers 
5 ALLEY, Isaac Lester  8 Nov 1871Jonesport, ME I58063 Puffers 
6 ALLEY, Joseph  6 May 1835Jonesport, ME I58068 Puffers 
7 ALLEY, Joshua Lawrence  15 Mar 1906Jonesport, ME I22701 Puffers 
8 ALLEY, Kathleen Annie  30 Jun 1914Jonesport, ME I44192 Puffers 
9 ALLEY, Nancy Ann  Dec 1841Jonesport, ME I58069 Puffers 
10 ALLEY, Reginald L.  19 Aug 1921Jonesport, ME I126958 Puffers 
11 ALLEY, Rosella Evelyn  Sep 1876Jonesport, ME I58067 Puffers 
12 ALLEY, Sarah O.  30 May 1862Jonesport, ME I58066 Puffers 
13 ATCHISON, Elizabeth  17 Apr 1809Jonesport, ME I20358 Puffers 
14 BEAL, Calista Della  20 Jul 1872Jonesport, ME I19557 Puffers 
15 BEAL, Lucy Amanda  27 May 1849Jonesport, ME I47948 Puffers 
16 BEAL, Lyman Odell  10 Apr 1917Jonesport, ME I62093 Puffers 
17 CHURCH, Charles Edward  21 Jun 1876Jonesport, ME I51304 Puffers 
18 CHURCH, Capt. Charles Walter  19 Mar 1830Jonesport, ME I50194 Puffers 
19 CHURCH, Livonia Jane  10 Sep 1853Jonesport, ME I51295 Puffers 
20 CHURCH, Mariam Dobbins  16 Dec 1846Jonesport, ME I15082 Puffers 
21 CHURCH, Mary Elizabeth  25 Sep 1861Jonesport, ME I51298 Puffers 
22 CHURCH, Walter Eben  29 Aug 1860Jonesport, ME I51296 Puffers 
23 CHURCH, William Franklin  23 Sep 1862Jonesport, ME I51299 Puffers 
24 COFFIN, Anette  CA 1865Jonesport, ME I56116 Puffers 
25 COFFIN, Clarinda  Apr 1860Jonesport, ME I56113 Puffers 
26 COFFIN, Frederick Stillman  Jan 1861Jonesport, ME I56114 Puffers 
27 COFFIN, Ina M.  Feb 1865Jonesport, ME I56115 Puffers 
28 COFFIN, James F.  1869Jonesport, ME I56117 Puffers 
29 COFFIN, Lena Mabel  CA 1878Jonesport, ME I56110 Puffers 
30 CROWLEY, Edgar Amos  22 Apr 1849Jonesport, ME I47947 Puffers 
31 CROWLEY, Euda L.  20 Jun 1910Jonesport, ME I41695 Puffers 
32 CROWLEY, John E.  Apr 1880Jonesport, ME I47946 Puffers 
33 CUMMINGS, Algie  1 Aug 1896Jonesport, ME I4660 Puffers 
34 CUMMINGS, Almenia Kittredge  26 Apr 1826Jonesport, ME I2197 Puffers 
35 CUMMINGS, Anne Nancy  Feb 1856Jonesport, ME I38730 Puffers 
36 CUMMINGS, Daniel Sawyer  5 Sep 1820Jonesport, ME I59735 Puffers 
37 CUMMINGS, Emma E.  Mar 1879Jonesport, ME I9014 Puffers 
38 CUMMINGS, Ethel  3 Feb 1906Jonesport, ME I10310 Puffers 
39 CUMMINGS, Harry  15 Dec 1872Jonesport, ME I4662 Puffers 
40 CUMMINGS, Salome W.  Feb 1838Jonesport, ME I11743 Puffers 
41 CUMMINGS, Samuel  20 Nov 1778Jonesport, ME I14481 Puffers 
42 CUMMINGS, Samuel Bowdoin  12 Dec 1844Jonesport, ME I10790 Puffers 
43 CUMMINGS, Sarah Hall  6 Mar 1814Jonesport, ME I15585 Puffers 
44 CUMMINGS, Syrena  25 Oct 1828Jonesport, ME I9129 Puffers 
45 DOBBIN, Catherine Pittman  Mar 1824Jonesport, ME I45512 Puffers 
46 DONOVAN, Annie Mabel  19 Oct 1874Jonesport, ME I38603 Puffers 
47 DONOVAN, Capt. Charles  21 Jan 1820Jonesport, ME I59770 Puffers 
48 DONOVAN, Leonard Magee  15 Apr 1847Jonesport, ME I20359 Puffers 
49 DONOVAN, Sarah Elizabeth  18 Dec 1864Jonesport, ME I45198 Puffers 
50 DORR, Arthur A.  13 Aug 1888Jonesport, ME I126449 Puffers 
51 DORR, Julia S.  Sep 1838Jonesport, ME I37146 Puffers 
52 DORR, Thomas Sinclair  13 Nov 1825Jonesport, ME I7117 Puffers 
53 DORR, William Augustus  1845Jonesport, ME I126448 Puffers 
54 DRISKO, Edmund Curtis  19 Apr 1815Jonesport, ME I52550 Puffers 
55 DRISKO, Edmund W.  4 Jul 1855Jonesport, ME I53154 Puffers 
56 DRISKO, Henry B.  11 Jul 1838Jonesport, ME I53152 Puffers 
57 DRISKO, Mary Eliza  13 May 1842Jonesport, ME I53153 Puffers 
58 DRISKO, Matilda  Apr 1842Jonesport, ME I61552 Puffers 
59 DRISKO, Theresa S.  16 Jul 1863Jonesport, ME I60208 Puffers 
60 DUDLEY, Ida Leola  1890Jonesport, ME I63897 Puffers 
61 FARNSWORTH, Amasa  18 Sep 1812Jonesport, ME I12508 Puffers 
62 FARNSWORTH, Bertha Bell  5 Aug 1891Jonesport, ME I60099 Puffers 
63 FARNSWORTH, Bertha J.  19 Jan 1885Jonesport, ME I61268 Puffers 
64 FARNSWORTH, Calvin A.  21 Oct 1845Jonesport, ME I5120 Puffers 
65 FARNSWORTH, Caroline Susan  14 Nov 1855Jonesport, ME I8761 Puffers 
66 FARNSWORTH, David Kelley  2 Apr 1817Jonesport, ME I12507 Puffers 
67 FARNSWORTH, Emery Fletcher  17 Aug 1876Jonesport, ME I52998 Puffers 
68 FARNSWORTH, Ethel C.  15 Nov 1882Jonesport, ME I61267 Puffers 
69 FARNSWORTH, George Warren  8 Oct 1844Jonesport, ME I15586 Puffers 
70 FARNSWORTH, Harry Lee Norton  1868Jonesport, ME I2196 Puffers 
71 FARNSWORTH, Hatley\Holley Emerson  22 Aug 1822Jonesport, ME I2198 Puffers 
72 FARNSWORTH, Joseph N.  23 Sep 1874Jonesport, ME I52997 Puffers 
73 FARNSWORTH, Julia Ann  Jul 1842Jonesport, ME I51728 Puffers 
74 FARNSWORTH, Lewis Laury  27 Jan 1856Jonesport, ME I7855 Puffers 
75 FARNSWORTH, Mary ELizabeth  26 Apr 1839Jonesport, ME I52579 Puffers 
76 FARNSWORTH, Miriam  13 Apr 1808Jonesport, ME I8400 Puffers 
77 FARNSWORTH, Nelson G.  1873Jonesport, ME I54362 Puffers 
78 FARNSWORTH, Walter Lewis  14 Feb 1879Jonesport, ME I52999 Puffers 
79 FAULKINGHAM, Nancy Jane  14 Nov 1859Jonesport, ME I54025 Puffers 
80 FOSS, Judith Ann  1858Jonesport, ME I41084 Puffers 
81 HALL, Oscar Blackington  12 Feb 1863Jonesport, ME I47037 Puffers 
82 KELLEY, Emma Jane  1915Jonesport, ME I37003 Puffers 
83 KELLEY, George Harmon  28 Jan 1886Jonesport, ME I38668 Puffers 
84 KELLEY, Maxwell Joseph  18 Jun 1906Jonesport, ME I41439 Puffers 
85 KELLEY, Raymond Fulton  22 Apr 1893Jonesport, ME I17316 Puffers 
86 KELLEY, Virginia Belle  1 Nov 1915Jonesport, ME I1085 Puffers 
87 LEIGHTON, Samuel A.  5 Feb 1852Jonesport, ME I127043 Puffers 
88 LOOK, Charles Peasley  24 Feb 1861Jonesport, ME I59980 Puffers 
89 LOOK, Willard G.  1838Jonesport, ME I59972 Puffers 
90 MARCOUX, Mamie Margaret  20 Feb 1928Jonesport, ME I59884 Puffers 
91 MCCARTY, Martha Ann  19 Dec 1850Jonesport, ME I53292 Puffers 
92 NORTON, Arthur  1853Jonesport, ME I50192 Puffers 
93 NORTON, Ella S.  8 Jul 1876Jonesport, ME I4661 Puffers 
94 NORTON, Frances Beal  28 Nov 1805Jonesport, ME I49813 Puffers 
95 RICHARDSON, Edith M.  21 Oct 1871Jonesport, ME I50356 Puffers 
96 ROGERS, Abigail Kelley  13 Apr 1824Jonesport, ME I17842 Puffers 
97 ROGERS, Arletta Annie  Dec 1866Jonesport, ME I48319 Puffers 
98 ROGERS I, Esther I  1805Jonesport, ME I14911 Puffers 
99 SEAVEY, Adriana A.  22 Jan 1894Jonesport, ME I17315 Puffers 
100 SMITH, Almer Merton  4 Apr 1879Jonesport, ME I62514 Puffers 
101 SMITH, Alvin Lincoln  16 Jul 1878Jonesport, ME I48455 Puffers 
102 SMITH, Athalena  1837Jonesport, ME I59571 Puffers 
103 SMITH, Benjamin Foss  Mar 1836Jonesport, ME I59621 Puffers 
104 SMITH, Benjamin Harrison  23 Feb 1891Jonesport, ME I63878 Puffers 
105 SMITH, Charles Francis  6 Jan 1873Jonesport, ME I62512 Puffers 
106 SMITH, Clarinda L.  5 Dec 1848Jonesport, ME I59567 Puffers 
107 SMITH, Cora Alberta  23 Nov 1882Jonesport, ME I63879 Puffers 
108 SMITH, Elizabeth  May 1846Jonesport, ME I62521 Puffers 
109 SMITH, Ephraim Kelley  23 Feb 1820Jonesport, ME I17843 Puffers 
110 SMITH, Ermeline  Jul 1810Jonesport, ME I59570 Puffers 
111 SMITH, Francis R.  4 Feb 1784Jonesport, ME I59625 Puffers 
112 SMITH, Freeman Doyle  21 Apr 1845Jonesport, ME I17840 Puffers 
113 SMITH, Geneva Flora  19 Jun 1888Jonesport, ME I63877 Puffers 
114 SMITH, George W.  12 Jan 1824Jonesport, ME I10889 Puffers 
115 SMITH, Gilman Plaisted  20 Oct 1845Jonesport, ME I45531 Puffers 
116 SMITH, Hattie Bell  8 Feb 1896Jonesport, ME I63880 Puffers 
117 SMITH, Henry E.  30 Oct 1848Jonesport, ME I62522 Puffers 
118 SMITH, Levi W.  CA 1807Jonesport, ME I59568 Puffers 
119 SMITH, Levi W.  20 Sep 1832Jonesport, ME I127223 Puffers 
120 SMITH, Lydia Rogers  4 Aug 1826Jonesport, ME I10888 Puffers 
121 SMITH, Margary  17 Jul 1827Jonesport, ME I127212 Puffers 
122 SMITH, Maude Alta  7 Sep 1886Jonesport, ME I63876 Puffers 
123 SMITH, Mina Gertrude  1 Dec 1883Jonesport, ME I63875 Puffers 
124 SMITH, Nora May  2 May 1875Jonesport, ME I62513 Puffers 
125 TABBUTT, Helena Augusta  27 Apr 1840Jonesport, ME I36608 Puffers 
126 WALLACE, James Franklin  9 Oct 1873Jonesport, ME I126446 Puffers 
127 WALLACE, Capt. John B.  1827Jonesport, ME I36578 Puffers 
128 WALLACE, Nelson William  1858Jonesport, ME I36576 Puffers 
129 WASS, Permelia Lyon  11 Sep 1807Jonesport, ME I47221 Puffers 
130 WHITE, Charles W.  19 Aug 1859Jonesport, ME I62132 Puffers 
131 WHITE, Hazel Mary  3 Nov 1903Jonesport, ME I57709 Puffers 
132 WHITE, Laura Jane  1856Jonesport, ME I55798 Puffers 
133 WHITE, Maude A.  Jun 1880Jonesport, ME I57707 Puffers 
134 WHITE, Merton C.  4 Aug 1891Jonesport, ME I57710 Puffers 
135 WOODWARD, Harry J.  5 Dec 1879Jonesport, ME I54444 Puffers 
136 WOODWARD, Haskell M.  15 May 1855Jonesport, ME I54024 Puffers 
137 WOODWARD, Joseph Warren  8 Oct 1856Jonesport, ME I43563 Puffers 
138 WOODWARD, Maurice Alvin  17 Oct 1876Jonesport, ME I1918 Puffers 
139 WORCESTER, Roscoe Donovan  6 Mar 1914Jonesport, ME I1086 Puffers 
140 WORCESTER, Verrill Roland Jr.  18 Mar 1929Jonesport, ME I58037 Puffers 


Matches 1 to 153 of 153

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALLEN, Judith Ann  1925Jonesport, ME I59206 Puffers 
2 ALLEY, Eldad Heath  26 Oct 1895Jonesport, ME I47950 Puffers 
3 ALLEY, Harry L.  9 Mar 1956Jonesport, ME I44187 Puffers 
4 ALLEY, John  6 Aug 1854Jonesport, ME I58072 Puffers 
5 ALLEY, Joseph  24 Feb 1922Jonesport, ME I58068 Puffers 
6 ALLEY, Joshua Lawrence  3 Jun 1938Jonesport, ME I22701 Puffers 
7 ALLEY, Nancy Ann  3 Oct 1913Jonesport, ME I58069 Puffers 
8 ALLEY, Rosella Evelyn  16 May 1951Jonesport, ME I58067 Puffers 
9 ALLEY, Sarah O.  7 Oct 1891Jonesport, ME I58066 Puffers 
10 ALLEY, Viletta M.  23 Nov 1986Jonesport, ME I58061 Puffers 
11 ANDERSON, Robert Theodore  10 May 1929Jonesport, ME I47949 Puffers 
12 ATCHISON, Elizabeth  Abt 1881Jonesport, ME I20358 Puffers 
13 ATCHISON, James  Bef 1840Jonesport, ME I20355 Puffers 
14 ATWATER, Charles Fremont Sr.  9 Apr 1908Jonesport, ME I52179 Puffers 
15 BABBAGE, Cassie T.  15 Jul 1935Jonesport, ME I56158 Puffers 
16 BARNEY, Ira B.  CA 1872Jonesport, ME I37140 Puffers 
17 BEAL, Calista Della  23 May 1935Jonesport, ME I19557 Puffers 
18 BEAL, Lucy Amanda  20 Jul 1903Jonesport, ME I47948 Puffers 
19 BEAL, Lyman Odell  15 May 1957Jonesport, ME I62093 Puffers 
20 BEAL, Mariah  5 May 1866Jonesport, ME I38348 Puffers 
21 CARR, Lydia  1840Jonesport, ME I14912 Puffers 
22 CHESTERTON, John Roscoe  24 Nov 1887Jonesport, ME I46838 Puffers 
23 CHURCH, Charles Edward  24 Oct 1943Jonesport, ME I51304 Puffers 
24 CHURCH, Capt. Charles Walter  30 Aug 1894Jonesport, ME I50194 Puffers 
25 CHURCH, Ellen Eveda  15 Apr 1932Jonesport, ME I51302 Puffers 
26 CHURCH, Mariam Dobbins  4 Sep 1921Jonesport, ME I15082 Puffers 
27 CHURCH, William Franklin  16 Dec 1860Jonesport, ME I51297 Puffers 
28 CHURCH, William Franklin  24 Aug 1944Jonesport, ME I51299 Puffers 
29 COFFIN, George Stillman  30 Jul 1892Jonesport, ME I56111 Puffers 
30 COFFIN, Lena Mabel  16 Jul 1951Jonesport, ME I56110 Puffers 
31 CROWLEY, Theodosia  11 Nov 1857Jonesport, ME I49042 Puffers 
32 CUMMINGS, Anne Nancy  19 Mar 1928Jonesport, ME I38730 Puffers 
33 CUMMINGS, Emma E.  14 Feb 1907Jonesport, ME I9014 Puffers 
34 CUMMINGS, Francis  19 Apr 1807Jonesport, ME I11346 Puffers 
35 CUMMINGS, Hannah R.  CA 1885Jonesport, ME I59569 Puffers 
36 CUMMINGS, Harry  2 Feb 1939Jonesport, ME I4662 Puffers 
37 CUMMINGS, Samuel Bowdoin  8 Oct 1916Jonesport, ME I10790 Puffers 
38 CUMMINGS, Sarah Hall  11 Feb 1896Jonesport, ME I15585 Puffers 
39 CUMMINGS, Syrena  20 Jun 1856Jonesport, ME I9129 Puffers 
40 DAVIS, Dorothy  10 Sep 1893Jonesport, ME I9127 Puffers 
41 DAVIS, Maria C.  21 Jan 1941Jonesport, ME I43564 Puffers 
42 DOBBIN, Catherine Pittman  3 Apr 1860Jonesport, ME I45512 Puffers 
43 DONOVAN, Jeremiah  27 Jul 1885Jonesport, ME I7850 Puffers 
44 DORR, Alice E.  17 Sep 1904Jonesport, ME I36663 Puffers 
45 DORR, Andrew Jackson  7 Aug 1905Jonesport, ME I37222 Puffers 
46 DORR, Emma F.  1 Jul 1872Jonesport, ME I49043 Puffers 
47 DORR, Isabell C.  20 Sep 1864Jonesport, ME I49044 Puffers 
48 DORR, Rosannah S.  10 Oct 1933Jonesport, ME I36625 Puffers 
49 DORR, Thomas Sinclair  31 Oct 1896Jonesport, ME I7117 Puffers 
50 DOYLE, Freeman Steele  6 Jan 1893Jonesport, ME I50187 Puffers 
51 DRISKO, Edmund Curtis  11 Apr 1893Jonesport, ME I52550 Puffers 
52 DRISKO, Edmund W.  18 Jan 1899Jonesport, ME I53154 Puffers 
53 DRISKO, Elizabeth J.  7 May 1894Jonesport, ME I36666 Puffers 
54 DRISKO, Josiah Ingersoll  2 Jun 1868Jonesport, ME I49041 Puffers 
55 FARNSWORTH, Adrial  5 Apr 1864Jonesport, ME I8960 Puffers 
56 FARNSWORTH, Bertha Bell  24 Oct 1943Jonesport, ME I60099 Puffers 
57 FARNSWORTH, Bertha J.  27 Jan 1885Jonesport, ME I61268 Puffers 
58 FARNSWORTH, Enoch  9 Apr 1893Jonesport, ME I9126 Puffers 
59 FARNSWORTH, Ethel C.  21 Mar 1883Jonesport, ME I61267 Puffers 
60 FARNSWORTH, Hannah L.  28 Dec 1904Jonesport, ME I7851 Puffers 
61 FARNSWORTH, Ichabod  19 Nov 1864Jonesport, ME I17701 Puffers 
62 FAULKINGHAM, Nancy Jane  4 Feb 1914Jonesport, ME I54025 Puffers 
63 FOSS, Francis Newell  4 Jul 1882Jonesport, ME I41085 Puffers 
64 FOSS, Judith Ann  24 Jan 1894Jonesport, ME I41084 Puffers 
65 FOSS, Sarah Augusta  3 Dec 1925Jonesport, ME I62511 Puffers 
66 FRENCH, Emeline  19 Aug 1913Jonesport, ME I50183 Puffers 
67 FRENCH, Julia A.  23 Oct 1889Jonesport, ME I50182 Puffers 
68 FRENCH, Mercy Jane  1 Oct 1910Jonesport, ME I23607 Puffers 
69 GAILLAC, Eugene George  23 Mar 1909Jonesport, ME I59756 Puffers 
70 GARDNER, Augusta Laura  27 Mar 1909Jonesport, ME I56112 Puffers 
71 GOWER, James Andrew  2 Aug 1964Jonesport, ME I56119 Puffers 
72 GRAY, Marie L.  28 Feb 2011Jonesport, ME I126037 Puffers 
73 HALL, Oscar Blackington  9 Aug 1941Jonesport, ME I47037 Puffers 
74 HALL, Oscar Daniel  25 Apr 2014Jonesport, ME I263 Puffers 
75 HEATH, Tryphena  26 Nov 1872Jonesport, ME I58073 Puffers 
76 HIGGINS, Ida B.  20 Jun 1952Jonesport, ME I37026 Puffers 
77 HIX, Anna  19 Mar 1824Jonesport, ME I53157 Puffers 
78 JOHNSON, Susan Lydia  28 Aug 1918Jonesport, ME I56159 Puffers 
79 KELLEY, Aaron Wass  25 Mar 1923Jonesport, ME I126451 Puffers 
80 KELLEY, Flora M.  1943Jonesport, ME I126450 Puffers 
81 KELLEY, George Harmon  30 May 1974Jonesport, ME I38668 Puffers 
82 KELLEY, Mercy  1825Jonesport, ME I11345 Puffers 
83 KELLEY, Raymond Fulton  23 Sep 1982Jonesport, ME I17316 Puffers 
84 LEIGHTON, Elvina A  8 Sep 1919Jonesport, ME I794 Puffers 
85 LEIGHTON, Harris H.  18 Aug 1921Jonesport, ME I50398 Puffers 
86 LEIGHTON, Lowell William  22 Feb 1907Jonesport, ME I792 Puffers 
87 LOOK, Hilllman Silas  17 May 1889Jonesport, ME I59702 Puffers 
88 LOOK, Nancy Hillman  1 Feb 1871Jonesport, ME I41198 Puffers 
89 MARTIN, Minnie W.  2 Jan 1912Jonesport, ME I54445 Puffers 
90 MCDONALD, Angus Andrew  1813Jonesport, ME I53156 Puffers 
91 MERRITT, Eliza  1865Jonesport, ME I62519 Puffers 
92 MORSE, Sophronia  6 Jul 1887Jonesport, ME I41086 Puffers 
93 NASH, Mercy Susan  4 Mar 1912Jonesport, ME I126452 Puffers 
94 NEWBURY, Annie May  28 Feb 1887Jonesport, ME I45521 Puffers 
95 NEWBURY, Verna L.  6 Jan 1919Jonesport, ME I35874 Puffers 
96 NORTON, Abraham Thatcher  17 Mar 1918Jonesport, ME I36630 Puffers 
97 NORTON, Amy  6 Jan 1875Jonesport, ME I50190 Puffers 
98 NORTON, Elihu  4 Jun 1833Jonesport, ME I5605 Puffers 
99 NORTON, Ella S.  4 Aug 1924Jonesport, ME I4661 Puffers 
100 NORTOON, Clement Horace  1940Jonesport, ME I48058 Puffers 
101 NOYES, William Tabbutt  24 Sep 1917Jonesport, ME I60231 Puffers 
102 PHILLIPS, Lauretta  Aft 1880Jonesport, ME I44977 Puffers 
103 PINEO, Electa Ann  16 Oct 1892Jonesport, ME I59973 Puffers 
104 PUFFER, Ida Bridgham  26 Nov 1960Jonesport, ME I37129 Puffers 
105 ROGERS, Arletta Annie  14 Dec 1915Jonesport, ME I48319 Puffers 
106 ROGERS, Daniel  1841Jonesport, ME I14917 Puffers 
107 ROGERS, Elizabeth  1838Jonesport, ME I7852 Puffers 
108 ROGERS, Joseph Prince  7 Jan 1846Jonesport, ME I14918 Puffers 
109 ROGERS, Marjorie  18 Nov 1829Jonesport, ME I62510 Puffers 
110 ROGERS, Prince  1840Jonesport, ME I14913 Puffers 
111 ROGERS I, Esther I  Oct 1849Jonesport, ME I14911 Puffers 
112 SAWYER, Luther I.  20 May 1898Jonesport, ME I54414 Puffers 
113 SEAVEY, Adriana A.  20 Dec 1943Jonesport, ME I17315 Puffers 
114 SMITH, Alvin  20 Jul 1813Jonesport, ME I59572 Puffers 
115 SMITH, Athalena  21 Aug 1843Jonesport, ME I59571 Puffers 
116 SMITH, Benjamin Foss  25 Feb 1916Jonesport, ME I59621 Puffers 
117 SMITH, Benjamin Harrison  5 Feb 1948Jonesport, ME I63878 Puffers 
118 SMITH, Charles Francis  21 Nov 1947Jonesport, ME I62512 Puffers 
119 SMITH, Clarinda L.  27 Oct 1906Jonesport, ME I59567 Puffers 
120 SMITH, Ermeline  13 Aug 1813Jonesport, ME I59570 Puffers 
121 SMITH, Francis R.  1883Jonesport, ME I59625 Puffers 
122 SMITH, Geneva Flora  14 May 1971Jonesport, ME I63877 Puffers 
123 SMITH, Hattie Bell  15 Jan 1977Jonesport, ME I63880 Puffers 
124 SMITH, Henry E.  19 Aug 1934Jonesport, ME I62522 Puffers 
125 SMITH, James  Between 1830 and 1839Jonesport, ME I20357 Puffers 
126 SMITH, Jane  27 Jan 1887Jonesport, ME I59624 Puffers 
127 SMITH, Levi W.  CA 1885Jonesport, ME I59568 Puffers 
128 SMITH, Martha  16 Sep 1812Jonesport, ME I59573 Puffers 
129 SMITH, William N.  26 Mar 1895Jonesport, ME I45789 Puffers 
130 THOMPSON, Lucy A.  28 Sep 1970Jonesport, ME I24663 Puffers 
131 TUCKER, Harris Stephen  17 Dec 1915Jonesport, ME I58406 Puffers 
132 WALLACE, Capt. John B.  8 Nov 1862Jonesport, ME I36578 Puffers 
133 WALLACE, Thomas  25 Aug 1834Jonesport, ME I38349 Puffers 
134 WASS, Emma H.  26 Jun 1892Jonesport, ME I45788 Puffers 
135 WATTS, Hannah  12 Dec 1854Jonesport, ME I44915 Puffers 
136 WHITE, Deborah L.  21 Dec 1889Jonesport, ME I59622 Puffers 
137 WHITE, Elizabeth  Abt 1850Jonesport, ME I14482 Puffers 
138 WHITE, John C.  28 Sep 1870Jonesport, ME I59623 Puffers 
139 WHITE, Laura Jane  18 Jun 1883Jonesport, ME I55798 Puffers 
140 WHITE, William Flagg  18 May 1898Jonesport, ME I56160 Puffers 
141 WHITTEN, Bernetta May  Sep 1967Jonesport, ME I50222 Puffers 
142 WILSON, Joel Drisko  19 Mar 1939Jonesport, ME I50066 Puffers 
143 WOODWARD, Guy Vernon  1 Nov 1959Jonesport, ME I43562 Puffers 
144 WOODWARD, Haskell M.  2 Sep 1950Jonesport, ME I54024 Puffers 
145 WOODWARD, Joseph Warren  16 Jun 1940Jonesport, ME I43563 Puffers 
146 WORCESTER, Algernaid N.  30 May 1883Jonesport, ME I10789 Puffers 
147 WORCESTER, Edgar Alphonso  11 Feb 1968Jonesport, ME I38657 Puffers 
148 WORCESTER, Homer Foster  1972Jonesport, ME I18258 Puffers 
149 WORCESTER, Ida V.  25 Aug 1926Jonesport, ME I38656 Puffers 
150 WORCESTER, Orrin Leighton  31 Jan 2004Jonesport, ME I53578 Puffers 
151 WORCESTER, Warren Cleveland  6 Apr 1937Jonesport, ME I37149 Puffers 
152 YETTON, Frances S.  18 May 1896Jonesport, ME I60629 Puffers 
153 YOUNG, Minerva J.  28 Dec 1937Jonesport, ME I37011 Puffers 


Matches 1 to 181 of 181

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALLEN, Hannah W.  Jonesport, ME I52549 Puffers 
2 ALLEY, Carl Franklin  Jonesport, ME I41447 Puffers 
3 ALLEY, Gladys Myrtle  Jonesport, ME I38669 Puffers 
4 ALLEY, Joshua Lawrence  Jonesport, ME I22701 Puffers 
5 ALLEY, Reginald L.  Jonesport, ME I126958 Puffers 
6 ANDERSON, Robert Theodore  Jonesport, ME I47949 Puffers 
7 AUSTIN, Cora Ellen  Jonesport, ME I44308 Puffers 
8 BABBAGE, Cassie T.  Jonesport, ME I56158 Puffers 
9 BARNEY, Ira B.  Jonesport, ME I37140 Puffers 
10 BEAL, Lyman Odell  Jonesport, ME I62093 Puffers 
11 BROWN, Ellouise Mildred  Jonesport, ME I62094 Puffers 
12 CHESTERTON, John Roscoe  Jonesport, ME I46838 Puffers 
13 CHURCH, Charles Edward  Jonesport, ME I51304 Puffers 
14 CHURCH, Capt. Charles Walter  Jonesport, ME I50194 Puffers 
15 CHURCH, Ellen Eveda  Jonesport, ME I51302 Puffers 
16 CHURCH, George William  Jonesport, ME I45511 Puffers 
17 CHURCH, William Franklin  Jonesport, ME I51297 Puffers 
18 CHURCH, William Franklin  Jonesport, ME I51299 Puffers 
19 COFFIN, George Stillman  Jonesport, ME I56111 Puffers 
20 COFFIN, Lena Mabel  Jonesport, ME I56110 Puffers 
21 CROWLEY, Capt. Almon Libby  Jonesport, ME I61548 Puffers 
22 CROWLEY, Florance  Jonesport, ME I17207 Puffers 
23 CROWLEY, Irving Jason  Jonesport, ME I60207 Puffers 
24 CROWLEY, John E.  Jonesport, ME I47946 Puffers 
25 CROWLEY, Theodosia  Jonesport, ME I49042 Puffers 
26 CROWLEY, Virginia L.  Jonesport, ME I56369 Puffers 
27 CROWLEY, William D.  Jonesport, ME I60628 Puffers 
28 CUMMINGS, Almenia Kittredge  Jonesport, ME I2197 Puffers 
29 CUMMINGS, Emma E.  Jonesport, ME I9014 Puffers 
30 CUMMINGS, Hannah R.  Jonesport, ME I59569 Puffers 
31 CUMMINGS, Samuel Bowdoin  Jonesport, ME I10790 Puffers 
32 CUMMINGS, Sarah Hall  Jonesport, ME I15585 Puffers 
33 CUMMINGS, William Peabody  Jonesport, ME I19216 Puffers 
34 DAVIS, Maria C.  Jonesport, ME I43564 Puffers 
35 DOBBIN, Catherine Pittman  Jonesport, ME I45512 Puffers 
36 DORR, Arthur A.  Jonesport, ME I126449 Puffers 
37 DORR, Emma F.  Jonesport, ME I49043 Puffers 
38 DORR, Isabell C.  Jonesport, ME I49044 Puffers 
39 DORR, Joseph Patten Jr.  Jonesport, ME I49045 Puffers 
40 DORR, Joseph Patten  Jonesport, ME I36665 Puffers 
41 DORR, Mary Ann  Jonesport, ME I36667 Puffers 
42 DORR, Norman Allen  Jonesport, ME I54019 Puffers 
43 DOYLE, Freeman Steele  Jonesport, ME I50187 Puffers 
44 DRISKO, Edmund Curtis  Jonesport, ME I52550 Puffers 
45 DRISKO, Edmund W.  Jonesport, ME I53154 Puffers 
46 DRISKO, Elizabeth J.  Jonesport, ME I36666 Puffers 
47 DRISKO, Henry B.  Jonesport, ME I53152 Puffers 
48 DRISKO, Jeremiah  Jonesport, ME I52555 Puffers 
49 DRISKO, Josiah Ingersoll  Jonesport, ME I49041 Puffers 
50 DRISKO, Mary Eliza  Jonesport, ME I53153 Puffers 
51 DRISKO, Phebe Parker  Jonesport, ME I50400 Puffers 
52 DRISKO, Rose  Jonesport, ME I41437 Puffers 
53 DRISKO, Theresa S.  Jonesport, ME I60208 Puffers 
54 DUNBAR, Elizabeth  Jonesport, ME I24664 Puffers 
55 EMERSON, Eusebius Iverson Jr.  Jonesport, ME I53896 Puffers 
56 EMERSON, Susanna  Jonesport, ME I61540 Puffers 
57 FARNSWORTH, Bertha Bell  Jonesport, ME I60099 Puffers 
58 FARNSWORTH, Bertha J.  Jonesport, ME I61268 Puffers 
59 FARNSWORTH, Emery Fletcher  Jonesport, ME I52998 Puffers 
60 FARNSWORTH, Ethel C.  Jonesport, ME I61267 Puffers 
61 FARNSWORTH, Hatley\Holley Emerson  Jonesport, ME I2198 Puffers 
62 FARNSWORTH, Henry  Jonesport, ME I12509 Puffers 
63 FARNSWORTH, Lewis Laury  Jonesport, ME I7855 Puffers 
64 FARNSWORTH, Walter Lewis  Jonesport, ME I52999 Puffers 
65 FAULKINGHAM, Nancy Jane  Jonesport, ME I54025 Puffers 
66 FOSS, Francis Newell  Jonesport, ME I41085 Puffers 
67 FOSS, Judith Ann  Jonesport, ME I41084 Puffers 
68 FOSS, Martha Louise  Jonesport, ME I61273 Puffers 
69 FOSS, Sarah Augusta  Jonesport, ME I62511 Puffers 
70 FRENCH, Julia A.  Jonesport, ME I50182 Puffers 
71 GAILLAC, Eugene George  Jonesport, ME I59756 Puffers 
72 GARDNER, Augusta Laura  Jonesport, ME I56112 Puffers 
73 GOWER, James Andrew  Jonesport, ME I56119 Puffers 
74 GRAY, Marie L.  Jonesport, ME I126037 Puffers 
75 GRAY, Maynard Ralph  Jonesport, ME I125918 Puffers 
76 HALL, Daniel Oscar  Jonesport, ME I265 Puffers 
77 HALL, Oscar Blackington  Jonesport, ME I47037 Puffers 
78 HALL, Oscar Daniel  Jonesport, ME I263 Puffers 
79 HARTFORD, Nellie D.  Jonesport, ME I48453 Puffers 
80 HIGGINS, Ida B.  Jonesport, ME I37026 Puffers 
81 INGERSOLL, George Ulmore  Jonesport, ME I4189 Puffers 
82 JOHNSON, Susan Lydia  Jonesport, ME I56159 Puffers 
83 KELLEY, Flora M.  Jonesport, ME I126450 Puffers 
84 KELLEY, George Harmon  Jonesport, ME I38668 Puffers 
85 KELLEY, Maxwell Joseph  Jonesport, ME I41439 Puffers 
86 KELLEY, Raymond Fulton  Jonesport, ME I17316 Puffers 
87 KNOWLES, Mary  Jonesport, ME I8412 Puffers 
88 LEIGHTON, Charlotte  Jonesport, ME I61541 Puffers 
89 LEIGHTON, Elizabeth A.  Jonesport, ME I127040 Puffers 
90 LEIGHTON, Elvina A  Jonesport, ME I794 Puffers 
91 LEIGHTON, Emery Wade  Jonesport, ME I8762 Puffers 
92 LEIGHTON, Harris H.  Jonesport, ME I50398 Puffers 
93 LEIGHTON, Sgt. Joseph Emerson  Jonesport, ME I61545 Puffers 
94 LEIGHTON, Nahum Hill  Jonesport, ME I50399 Puffers 
95 LEIGHTON, Oscar Enoch  Jonesport, ME I55845 Puffers 
96 LEIGHTON, Samuel A.  Jonesport, ME I127043 Puffers 
97 LEIGHTON, Susanna Emerson  Jonesport, ME I61546 Puffers 
98 LEIGHTON, Theresa  Jonesport, ME I61543 Puffers 
99 LINNEN, Mercena H.  Jonesport, ME I55846 Puffers 
100 LOOK, Hilllman Silas  Jonesport, ME I59702 Puffers 
101 LOOK, Nancy Hillman  Jonesport, ME I41198 Puffers 
102 LOWE, Bert Shaffer  Jonesport, ME I52860 Puffers 
103 LOWE, Milton Daniel  Jonesport, ME I36961 Puffers 
104 MANCHESTER, Vannie Nadine  Jonesport, ME I126959 Puffers 
105 MARCOUX, Charles Edward  Jonesport, ME I37045 Puffers 
106 MARCOUX, Dawn Euda  Jonesport, ME I41445 Puffers 
107 MARSTON, Samuel Hall  Jonesport, ME I12510 Puffers 
108 MARTIN, Minnie W.  Jonesport, ME I54445 Puffers 
109 MOORE, Jane Dyer  Jonesport, ME I61201 Puffers 
110 MORSE, Sophronia  Jonesport, ME I41086 Puffers 
111 NEWBURY, Annie May  Jonesport, ME I45521 Puffers 
112 NORTON, Elihu  Jonesport, ME I5605 Puffers 
113 NORTON, Emma Amy  Jonesport, ME I4978 Puffers 
114 NORTON, Seth Sr.  Jonesport, ME I4979 Puffers 
115 NOYES, Warren Lincoln  Jonesport, ME I41486 Puffers 
116 NOYES, William Tabbutt  Jonesport, ME I60231 Puffers 
117 PUFFER, Dorothy Edra  Jonesport, ME I264 Puffers 
118 RICHARDSON, Mary  Jonesport, ME I19215 Puffers 
119 ROGERS, Arletta Annie  Jonesport, ME I48319 Puffers 
120 SEAVEY, Adriana A.  Jonesport, ME I17315 Puffers 
121 SHOREY, Elizabeth  Jonesport, ME I12511 Puffers 
122 SHOREY, Hannah Tucker  Jonesport, ME I59762 Puffers 
123 SMITH, Almer Merton  Jonesport, ME I62514 Puffers 
124 SMITH, Alvin  Jonesport, ME I59572 Puffers 
125 SMITH, Alvin Lincoln  Jonesport, ME I48455 Puffers 
126 SMITH, Athalena  Jonesport, ME I59571 Puffers 
127 SMITH, Benjamin Foss  28 Feb 1916Jonesport, ME I59621 Puffers 
128 SMITH, Benjamin Harrison  Jonesport, ME I63878 Puffers 
129 SMITH, Charles Francis  Jonesport, ME I62512 Puffers 
130 SMITH, Cora Alberta  Jonesport, ME I63879 Puffers 
131 SMITH, Ermeline  Jonesport, ME I59570 Puffers 
132 SMITH, Geneva Flora  Jonesport, ME I63877 Puffers 
133 SMITH, Hattie Bell  Jonesport, ME I63880 Puffers 
134 SMITH, Henry E.  Jonesport, ME I62522 Puffers 
135 SMITH, Jane  Jonesport, ME I59624 Puffers 
136 SMITH, Julia Drisko  Jonesport, ME I49046 Puffers 
137 SMITH, Levi W.  Jonesport, ME I59568 Puffers 
138 SMITH, Martha  Jonesport, ME I59573 Puffers 
139 SMITH, Nora May  Jonesport, ME I62513 Puffers 
140 SMITH, Vernon W.  Jonesport, ME I22654 Puffers 
141 SMITH, William N.  Jonesport, ME I45789 Puffers 
142 TABBUTT\TIBBETTS, Cora Avilla  Jonesport, ME I56315 Puffers 
143 THOMPSON, Lucy A.  Jonesport, ME I24663 Puffers 
144 TIBBETTS, Burton Luther  Jonesport, ME I37055 Puffers 
145 TIBBETTS, Jerusha Wilson  Jonesport, ME I37125 Puffers 
146 TIBBETTS, Leonard Alphonso  Jonesport, ME I49047 Puffers 
147 TIBBETTS, Rothia Drinkwater  Jonesport, ME I127038 Puffers 
148 TIBBETTS, Violette Morton  Jonesport, ME I55844 Puffers 
149 TUCKER, Bertha Emma  Jonesport, ME I49829 Puffers 
150 TUCKER, Sidney Edgar  Jonesport, ME I34897 Puffers 
151 WALLACE, James Franklin  Jonesport, ME I126446 Puffers 
152 WASS, Abigail Nash  Jonesport, ME I47228 Puffers 
153 WASS, Crawford H.  Jonesport, ME I59772 Puffers 
154 WASS, David Morey  Jonesport, ME I8413 Puffers 
155 WASS, Elizabeth B.  Jonesport, ME I60234 Puffers 
156 WASS, Emma H.  Jonesport, ME I45788 Puffers 
157 WASS, Isaac Aaron  Jonesport, ME I8409 Puffers 
158 WASS, Lemuel Dyer  Jonesport, ME I60233 Puffers 
159 WASS, Lyon  Jonesport, ME I47224 Puffers 
160 WASS, Mary Sophia  Jonesport, ME I60232 Puffers 
161 WASS, Permelia Lyon  Jonesport, ME I47221 Puffers 
162 WASS, Phebe Lyon  Jonesport, ME I47223 Puffers 
163 WASS, Rebecca Campbell  Jonesport, ME I47222 Puffers 
164 WASS, Salome J.  Jonesport, ME I47227 Puffers 
165 WASS, Susanna Knowles  Jonesport, ME I47225 Puffers 
166 WHITE, Deborah L.  Jonesport, ME I59622 Puffers 
167 WHITE, John C.  Jonesport, ME I59623 Puffers 
168 WHITE, Laura Jane  Jonesport, ME I55798 Puffers 
169 WHITE, Leonard Franklin  Jonesport, ME I56157 Puffers 
170 WHITE, William Flagg  Jonesport, ME I56160 Puffers 
171 WOODWARD, Guy Vernon  Jonesport, ME I43562 Puffers 
172 WOODWARD, Harry J.  Jonesport, ME I54444 Puffers 
173 WOODWARD, Haskell M.  Jonesport, ME I54024 Puffers 
174 WOODWARD, Joseph Warren  Jonesport, ME I43563 Puffers 
175 WORCESTER, Algernaid N.  Jonesport, ME I10789 Puffers 
176 WORCESTER, Cordelia Wilson  Jonesport, ME I37053 Puffers 
177 WORCESTER, Florence R.  Jonesport, ME I125917 Puffers 
178 WORCESTER, Homer Foster  Jonesport, ME I18258 Puffers 
179 WORCESTER, Ida V.  Jonesport, ME I38656 Puffers 
180 YETTON, Frances S.  Jonesport, ME I60629 Puffers 
181 YOUNG, Minerva J.  Jonesport, ME I37011 Puffers 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID   Tree 
1 HALL, Oscar Blackington  Jonesport, ME I47037 Puffers 
2 TUCKER, Bertha Emma  Jonesport, ME I49829 Puffers 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Milit-Beg    Person ID   Tree 
1 SMITH, George W.  1 Mar 1864Jonesport, ME I10889 Puffers 


Matches 1 to 62 of 62

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALLEY, Harry  1940Jonesport, ME I11486 Puffers 
2 ALLEY, Reginald L.  1950Jonesport, ME I126958 Puffers 
3 ALLEY, Viletta M.  1900Jonesport, ME I58061 Puffers 
4 BEAL, Calista Della  1880Jonesport, ME I19557 Puffers 
5 BEAL, Calista Della  1900Jonesport, ME I19557 Puffers 
6 BEAL, Calista Della  1910Jonesport, ME I19557 Puffers 
7 BEAL, Charles Roscoe  1900Jonesport, ME I19558 Puffers 
8 BEAL, Charles Roscoe  1910Jonesport, ME I19558 Puffers 
9 BEAL, Charles Roscoe  1920Jonesport, ME I19558 Puffers 
10 BEAL, Lyman Odell  1940Jonesport, ME I62093 Puffers 
11 BEAL, Virgil Myron  1920Jonesport, ME I5888 Puffers 
12 BROWN, Ellouise Mildred  1940Jonesport, ME I62094 Puffers 
13 CHURCH, Livonia Jane  1860Jonesport, ME I51295 Puffers 
14 COFFIN, Ina M.  1934Jonesport, ME I56115 Puffers 
15 DORR, Joseph Patten  1860Jonesport, ME I36665 Puffers 
16 DORR, Joseph Patten  1880Jonesport, ME I36665 Puffers 
17 DORR, Mary Ann  1880Jonesport, ME I36667 Puffers 
18 DRISKO, Elizabeth J.  1880Jonesport, ME I36666 Puffers 
19 FRENCH, Amantha  9 Aug 1850Jonesport, ME I23604 Puffers 
20 FRENCH, Elizabeth  1850Jonesport, ME I23606 Puffers 
21 FRENCH, Mercy Jane  1850Jonesport, ME I23607 Puffers 
22 HALL, Daniel Oscar  1 Apr 1940Jonesport, ME I265 Puffers 
23 HALL, Edward Graham  1940Jonesport, ME I261 Puffers 
24 HALL, Edward Graham  1950Jonesport, ME I261 Puffers 
25 HALL, Oscar Blackington  1870Jonesport, ME I47037 Puffers 
26 HALL, Oscar Blackington  1920Jonesport, ME I47037 Puffers 
27 HALL, Oscar Daniel  1 Apr 1940Jonesport, ME I263 Puffers 
28 JOHNSON, Susan Lydia  1910Jonesport, ME I56159 Puffers 
29 KENT, Sabrina  1870Jonesport, ME I36577 Puffers 
30 LEIGHTON, Lucretia Small  1870Jonesport, ME I60215 Puffers 
31 MANCHESTER, Vannie Nadine  1950Jonesport, ME I126959 Puffers 
32 MARCOUX, Charles Edward  1940Jonesport, ME I37045 Puffers 
33 MARCOUX, Frances Elizabeth  1940Jonesport, ME I7731 Puffers 
34 MARCOUX, Mamie Margaret  1940Jonesport, ME I59884 Puffers 
35 ROGERS, Abigail Kelley  1860Jonesport, ME I17842 Puffers 
36 ROGERS, Abigail Kelley  1880Jonesport, ME I17842 Puffers 
37 SMITH, Almer Merton  1880Jonesport, ME I62514 Puffers 
38 SMITH, Benjamin Foss  1850Jonesport, ME I59621 Puffers 
39 SMITH, Benjamin Foss  1860Jonesport, ME I59621 Puffers 
40 SMITH, Benjamin Foss  1910Jonesport, ME I59621 Puffers 
41 SMITH, Betsy  1850Jonesport, ME I127216 Puffers 
42 SMITH, Blanche W.  1880Jonesport, ME I57706 Puffers 
43 SMITH, Charles Francis  1880Jonesport, ME I62512 Puffers 
44 SMITH, David  1850Jonesport, ME I127214 Puffers 
45 SMITH, Ephraim Kelley  1850Jonesport, ME I17843 Puffers 
46 SMITH, Ephraim Kelley  1860Jonesport, ME I17843 Puffers 
47 SMITH, Francis R.  1840Jonesport, ME I59625 Puffers 
48 SMITH, Francis R.  1850Jonesport, ME I59625 Puffers 
49 SMITH, Francis R.  1880Jonesport, ME I59625 Puffers 
50 SMITH, Freeman Doyle  1860Jonesport, ME I17840 Puffers 
51 SMITH, George W.  1860Jonesport, ME I10889 Puffers 
52 SMITH, Henry E.  1850Jonesport, ME I62522 Puffers 
53 SMITH, James W.  1850Jonesport, ME I127215 Puffers 
54 SMITH, Lurline Bartlett  1940Jonesport, ME I5887 Puffers 
55 SMITH, Nora May  1880Jonesport, ME I62513 Puffers 
56 THOMPSON, Asenath  1860Jonesport, ME I41453 Puffers 
57 WHITE, Maude A.  1900Jonesport, ME I57707 Puffers 
58 WHITE, Merton C.  1910Jonesport, ME I57710 Puffers 
59 WILSON, Joel Drisko  1880Jonesport, ME I50066 Puffers 
60 WORCESTER, Edgar Alphonso  1910Jonesport, ME I38657 Puffers 
61 WORCESTER, Fidelia  1920Jonesport, ME I56075 Puffers 
62 WORCESTER, Marilyn E.  2005Jonesport, ME I56409 Puffers 


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 ALLEY / SMITH  28 Nov 1932Jonesport, ME F4761 Puffers 
2 BRIDGHAM / KELLEY  18 Sep 1937Jonesport, ME F10591 Puffers 
3 CHURCH / FRENCH  12 Feb 1852Jonesport, ME F18794 Puffers 
4 CUMMINGS / NORTON  15 Sep 1894Jonesport, ME F1132 Puffers 
5 DONOVAN / ATCHISON  25 Dec 1825Jonesport, ME F3585 Puffers 
6 FARNSWORTH / CUMMINGS  20 Jun 1844Jonesport, ME F610 Puffers 
7 FOSS / WHITE  18 Oct 1902Jonesport, ME F22427 Puffers 
8 GOWER / COFFIN  24 Sep 1897Jonesport, ME F21609 Puffers 
9 JOY / WASS  17 Jan 1912Jonesport, ME F25355 Puffers 
10 LEIGHTON / RICHARDSON  12 Mar 1900Jonesport, ME F18871 Puffers 
11 LEIGHTON / TIBBETTS  3 Nov 1877Jonesport, ME F21476 Puffers 
12 LOOK / ANTHONY  28 Aug 1882Jonesport, ME F23515 Puffers 
13 MORRISON / PUFFER  1 Sep 1930Jonesport, ME F10649 Puffers 
14 SMITH / FARNSWORTH  1812Jonesport, ME F10559 Puffers 
15 WALLACE / CUMMINGS  25 Dec 1895Jonesport, ME F50197 Puffers 
16 WHITE / BABBAGE  Aft Jan 1891Jonesport, ME F21627 Puffers 
17 WOODWARD / ALLEN  4 Mar 1903Jonesport, ME F4794 Puffers 
18 WOODWARD / FAULKINGHAM  1876Jonesport, ME F20521 Puffers 
19 WORCESTER / CUMMINGS  18 May 1823Jonesport, ME F10409 Puffers 
20 YOUNG / ALLEN  1 Jun 1873Jonesport, ME F22668 Puffers 


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Family    Residence    Family ID   Tree 
1 ALLEY / ALLEY  1900Jonesport, ME F22623 Puffers 
2 BEAL / BROWN  1950Jonesport, ME F24525 Puffers 
3 CUMMINGS / SKINNER  1840Jonesport, ME F1458 Puffers 
4 CUMMINGS / SKINNER  1860Jonesport, ME F1458 Puffers 
5 FRENCH / DAVIS  1850Jonesport, ME F10630 Puffers 
6 GOWER / COFFIN  1920Jonesport, ME F21609 Puffers 
7 GOWER / COFFIN  1930Jonesport, ME F21609 Puffers 
8 NORTON / FRENCH  1850Jonesport, ME F18791 Puffers 
9 SMITH / FOSS  1880Jonesport, ME F24752 Puffers 
10 SMITH / WHITE  1880Jonesport, ME F23350 Puffers 
11 SMITH / WHITE  1900Jonesport, ME F23350 Puffers 
12 WALLACE / KENT  1860Jonesport, ME F11675 Puffers 
13 WHITE / BABBAGE  1900Jonesport, ME F21627 Puffers 
14 WHITE / BABBAGE  1910Jonesport, ME F21627 Puffers 
15 WHITE / BABBAGE  1920Jonesport, ME F21627 Puffers 
16 WHITE / BABBAGE  1930Jonesport, ME F21627 Puffers 
17 WOODWARD / THOMPSON  1920Jonesport, ME F20738 Puffers 
18 WOODWARD / THOMPSON  1930Jonesport, ME F20738 Puffers 
19 WOODWARD / THOMPSON  1940Jonesport, ME F20738 Puffers 
20 WORCESTER / LINDSEY  1910Jonesport, ME F18774 Puffers