Puffer Genealogy

Kinmundy, IL



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BUTLER, William Cooper  26 Jul 1867Kinmundy, IL I53373
2 EGAN, Franklin  31 Aug 1846Kinmundy, IL I34621
3 GRAY, James Robert  10 Feb 1876Kinmundy, IL I59000
4 GRAY, Perry Albert  11 Jan 1874Kinmundy, IL I54321
5 HAMMER, Forrest  18 Feb 1886Kinmundy, IL I43416
6 HAMMER, Frederick B.  18 Apr 1892Kinmundy, IL I43276
7 HAMMERS, Arthur  7 Aug 1888Kinmundy, IL I43278
8 HAMMERS, Bert L.  4 Nov 1880Kinmundy, IL I44272
9 HAMMERS, Georgiana Constance  Oct 1891Kinmundy, IL I44274
10 HAMMERS, Kathyren  19 May 1896Kinmundy, IL I44275
11 HAMMERS, Lorena L.  2 Jul 1888Kinmundy, IL I44273
12 NEAVILL, Dora  7 Oct 1865Kinmundy, IL I58399
13 NEAVILL, Fred Weaver  5 May 1880Kinmundy, IL I59432
14 NEAVILL, George Walter  9 Jun 1887Kinmundy, IL I59434
15 NEAVILL, Lemon Tillman  9 Jul 1878Kinmundy, IL I59431
16 NEAVILL, Lloyd Cammer  18 Mar 1883Kinmundy, IL I59433
17 PUFFER, Florence M.  Jun 1889Kinmundy, IL I22908
18 PUFFER, Iva Mae  18 Aug 1892Kinmundy, IL I7854
19 PUFFER, John Raymond  2 Feb 1884Kinmundy, IL I6001
20 PUFFER, Matilda Caroline  1 Jun 1854Kinmundy, IL I23259
21 PUFFER, William Wright  7 Mar 1852Kinmundy, IL I6011
22 ROBB, Martha Ann  19 May 1866Kinmundy, IL I53359
23 SPICER, Amy L.  3 Jul 1884Kinmundy, IL I62036
24 SWIFT, Mark Cole  24 Aug 1862Kinmundy, IL I60869
25 TUCKER, Casey Royal  17 May 1884Kinmundy, IL I53377
26 TUCKER, Charles Vernal  26 Apr 1889Kinmundy, IL I24414
27 TUCKER, Dorothy Rhea  15 Aug 1896Kinmundy, IL I44344
28 TUCKER, Ernest  Jan 1893Kinmundy, IL I20991
29 TUCKER, Frank Jones  5 Mar 1880Kinmundy, IL I53376
30 WILCHIER, Caroline  1850Kinmundy, IL I42272


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 BOYD, Charles Henry  1915Kinmundy, IL I51372
2 BROWN, Rev. Richard Leland  19 Feb 1941Kinmundy, IL I62035
3 EAGAN, Isaac  19 Oct 1873Kinmundy, IL I7333
4 FORTNEY, Sarah I.  23 Feb 1929Kinmundy, IL I10088
5 HAMMER, John Wesley  20 Nov 1915Kinmundy, IL I23260
6 HAMMER, Sarah  13 Aug 1892Kinmundy, IL I51378
7 HAMMERS, Georgiana Constance  29 Jan 1915Kinmundy, IL I44274
8 HAMMERS, Lorena L.  20 Jul 1923Kinmundy, IL I44273
9 NEAVILL, George Washington  28 Dec 1909Kinmundy, IL I52617
10 NEAVILL, James Bert  12 Jul 1933Kinmundy, IL I59429
11 NEAVILL, Perry Leonard  1964Kinmundy, IL I59430
12 PUFFER, Matilda Caroline  21 Feb 1937Kinmundy, IL I23259
13 TUCKER, Tennessee F.  16 Jan 1944Kinmundy, IL I53374
14 YEARGAIN, Lacy  1903Kinmundy, IL I51373


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 BOYD, Charles Henry  Kinmundy, IL I51372
2 CLARK, Nancy Jane  Kinmundy, IL I6010
3 EAGAN, Isaac  Kinmundy, IL I7333
4 EAGAN, Sarah  Kinmundy, IL I19391
5 EGAN, Franklin  Kinmundy, IL I34621
6 FORTNEY, Sarah I.  Kinmundy, IL I10088
7 HAGENSEE, Steve  Kinmundy, IL I44277
8 HAMMER, Adolphus  Kinmundy, IL I43271
9 HAMMER, Alonzo  Kinmundy, IL I43272
10 HAMMER, John Jr.  Kinmundy, IL I43269
11 HAMMER, John Wesley  Kinmundy, IL I23260
12 HAMMER, Myron  Kinmundy, IL I43273
13 HAMMERS, Bert L.  Kinmundy, IL I44272
14 HAMMERS, Kathyren  Kinmundy, IL I44275
15 HAMMERS, Rosa D.  Kinmundy, IL I44271
16 HAMMERS, William D.  Kinmundy, IL I44276
17 LANSFORD, Lucy Matilda  Kinmundy, IL I55664
18 LANSFORD, Sarah Jane  Kinmundy, IL I60870
19 NEAVILL, Dora  Kinmundy, IL I58399
20 NEAVILL, George Walter  Kinmundy, IL I59434
21 NEAVILL, George Washington  Kinmundy, IL I52617
22 NEAVILL, James Bert  Kinmundy, IL I59429
23 NEAVILL, Perry Leonard  Kinmundy, IL I59430
24 PUFFER, Hugh  Kinmundy, IL I1119
25 PUFFER, Imogene Anna  Kinmundy, IL I22909
26 PUFFER, Matilda Caroline  Kinmundy, IL I23259
27 PUFFER, Samuel H.  8 Oct 1939Kinmundy, IL I10089
28 PUFFER, William Wright  Kinmundy, IL I6011
29 SWIFT, Cloa Fern  Kinmundy, IL I55665
30 SWIFT, Mark Cole  Kinmundy, IL I60869
31 TUCKER, Abigail  Kinmundy, IL I53372
32 TUCKER, Martha Phina  Kinmundy, IL I53367
33 TUCKER, Tennessee F.  Kinmundy, IL I53374
34 TULLY, Athalene  Kinmundy, IL I34622
35 WANTLAND, John Newton  Kinmundy, IL I53368
36 WHITE, William Arthur  Kinmundy, IL I53378
37 YEARGAIN, Lacy  Kinmundy, IL I51373
38 YUNKER, Henry E.  Kinmundy, IL I58400


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 PUFFER, John  1833Kinmundy, IL I11637


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 FORTNEY, Sarah I.  1900Kinmundy, IL I10088
2 FORTNEY, Sarah I.  1910Kinmundy, IL I10088
3 HAMMER, Alonzo  Nov 1915Kinmundy, IL I43272
4 HAMMER, Bessie Forrest  1900Kinmundy, IL I43277
5 HAMMER, Frederick B.  1900Kinmundy, IL I43276
6 HAMMER, John  Nov 1915Kinmundy, IL I43274
7 HAMMER, Myron  Nov 1915Kinmundy, IL I43273
8 LOCKE, John D.  30 Jun 1880Kinmundy, IL I51360
9 NEAVILL, Dora  1910Kinmundy, IL I58399
10 NEAVILL, Fred Weaver  1900Kinmundy, IL I59432
11 NEAVILL, George Walter  1900Kinmundy, IL I59434
12 NEAVILL, George Walter  1910Kinmundy, IL I59434
13 NEAVILL, James Bert  1900Kinmundy, IL I59429
14 NEAVILL, James Bert  1910Kinmundy, IL I59429
15 NEAVILL, James Bert  1930Kinmundy, IL I59429
16 NEAVILL, Jessie G.  1900Kinmundy, IL I58401
17 NEAVILL, Lemon Tillman  1900Kinmundy, IL I59431
18 NEAVILL, Lemon Tillman  1930Kinmundy, IL I59431
19 NEAVILL, Lloyd Cammer  1900Kinmundy, IL I59433
20 NEAVILL, Perry Leonard  1900Kinmundy, IL I59430
21 NEAVILL, Perry Leonard  1910Kinmundy, IL I59430
22 NICHOLS, Melvina  1910Kinmundy, IL I52619
23 PUFFER, Sarah Frances  1880Kinmundy, IL I20992
24 WOLFE, Joshua  1910Kinmundy, IL I47134
25 WOLFE, Joshua  1920Kinmundy, IL I47134


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 BOYD / PUFFER  24 Jun 1903Kinmundy, IL F3575


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   Family    Residence    Family ID 
1 NEAVILL / NICHOLS  1900Kinmundy, IL F19829