Puffer Genealogy

New Haven, CT



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abigail  1715New Haven, CT I17686
2 COMSTOCK, Edith Lincoln  6 Oct 1860New Haven, CT I35069
3 GAUL, Frederick C.  Apr 1931New Haven, CT I37599
4 PUFFER, Carol Jean  22 Oct 1945New Haven, CT I21511
5 PUFFER, Leo Marshall  24 Sep 1899New Haven, CT I33015
6 SACKETT, Grace Emogene  16 Sep 1876New Haven, CT I41952
7 SHERIDEN, Elizabeth  1851New Haven, CT I18052
8 SPELLMAN, Grace E.  1873New Haven, CT I18044
9 TWAROWSKI, Alexander Walter  17 Jan 1917New Haven, CT I38690


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLERTON, Isaac MAYFLOWER  12 Feb 1659New Haven, CT I4750
2 BRAINERD, Perry Porter  5 Nov 1969New Haven, CT I8233
3 BROCKETT, Giles  2 Jun 1842New Haven, CT I38473
4 DRURY, Marcella A.  2 Jul 1950New Haven, CT I47382
5 ERNST, Frederick William  3 Nov 1912New Haven, CT I24297
6 G., Fannie  9 Feb 1890New Haven, CT I45375
7 GAUL, John William  26 Feb 1961New Haven, CT I49818
8 GRISWOLD, Garwood  Nov 1903New Haven, CT I41950
9 HOLT, Harriett E.  24 May 1930New Haven, CT I24296
10 JOHNSON, Aaron Wesley  9 Apr 1980New Haven, CT I22592
11 KONITZ, John Albert  8 Jun 1953New Haven, CT I45850
12 PAQUIN, Sandra  13 Feb 1982New Haven, CT I1051
13 POPE, Alice May  30 Mar 1977New Haven, CT I47587
14 PUFFER, Cpl. Albert Jencks  28 Oct 1906New Haven, CT I21701
15 PUFFER, Leroy Giles  14 Nov 1964New Haven, CT I36257
16 PUFFER, Minnie E.  24 Jun 1895New Haven, CT I48101
17 PUFFER, Thomas Burton  25 Apr 1973New Haven, CT I37605
18 SMITH, John Minor  New Haven, CT I37608
19 TINGLEY, Arthur A.  CA 1938New Haven, CT I47384
20 WELLES, Susan A.  21 Sep 2012New Haven, CT I22909


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BAILEY, Charlotte  New Haven, CT I15872
2 BENNETT, Elizabeth  3 Aug 1654New Haven, CT I47107
3 BRAINERD, Harriet Doris  New Haven, CT I8235
4 ERNST, Frederick William  New Haven, CT I24297
5 GAUL, John William  New Haven, CT I49818
6 HOLT, Harriett E.  New Haven, CT I24296
7 HUBBARD, Elizabeth Cleveland  New Haven, CT I21700
8 KELLAM, Albert Haynes  New Haven, CT I15871
9 KELLAM, Benjamin Swan  New Haven, CT I15873
10 MACPHERSON, Anne M.  New Haven, CT I33016
11 PUFFER, Cpl. Albert Jencks  New Haven, CT I21701
12 PUFFER, George Marshall  New Haven, CT I4235
13 PUFFER, Leo Marshall  New Haven, CT I33015
14 PUFFER, Leroy Giles  New Haven, CT I36257
15 RYAN, Nellie Rose  New Haven, CT I43390
16 SACKETT, John Deming  New Haven, CT I41951
17 SMITH, Nell Elizabeth  New Haven, CT I4234
18 STAPLES, Seth Perkins  New Haven, CT I53041
19 TRESTER, Lewis Thomas  New Haven, CT I43389
20 TRESTER, Lt. Cmdr. Wilbert Lewis  New Haven, CT I9134
21 WALES, Catharine  New Haven, CT I53042


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 GAUL / PUFFER  4 Feb 1967New Haven, CT F10915
2 JENKINS / BRAINERD  10 Sep 1966New Haven, CT F9856
3 SMITH / SPRAGUE  20 Sep 1751New Haven, CT F19278