Puffer Genealogy

Portland, OR



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BRANDI, Sara Mae  6 Aug 1921Portland, OR I52372 Puffers 
2 FARMER, Betty Jane  4 Jul 1927Portland, OR I46572 Puffers 
3 FLOWER, Dorothy Rowena  6 Apr 1912Portland, OR I15776 Puffers 
4 JENSEN, William Henry  14 Dec 1913Portland, OR I21955 Puffers 
5 PARKER, Elizabeth  21 Aug 1911Portland, OR I17149 Puffers 
6 PUFFER, Kimberly  19 Apr 1962Portland, OR I12930 Puffers 
7 PUFFER, Mary Catherine  5 Jun 1944Portland, OR I38802 Puffers 
8 ROSS, Mima  11 Feb 1912Portland, OR I49095 Puffers 
9 RUPPE, Herbert Kramer  29 Dec 1919Portland, OR I41273 Puffers 
10 SPEER, Eugene Robert  1 Apr 1939Portland, OR I126051 Puffers 
11 TALCOTT, Ione Mae  9 Jun 1908Portland, OR I9401 Puffers 
12 WOOD, Ruth Margaret  24 Apr 1905Portland, OR I55121 Puffers 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Margaret C.  27 Jun 1970Portland, OR I59788 Puffers 
2 ALWINGER, John Frank  5 Jan 1997Portland, OR I39220 Puffers 
3 ARCHER, Jennie M.  16 Jan 1951Portland, OR I44724 Puffers 
4 ARCHER, John Wesley  19 Dec 1959Portland, OR I47667 Puffers 
5 BEALE, Rachel Jane  8 Dec 1927Portland, OR I14500 Puffers 
6 BRANDI, Rocco  1979Portland, OR I52828 Puffers 
7 BRANDI, Sara Mae  26 Dec 2019Portland, OR I52372 Puffers 
8 COOK, Fred Will  27 Feb 1965Portland, OR I17038 Puffers 
9 COOK, William Maurice  6 Oct 1926Portland, OR I17040 Puffers 
10 DEPRIEST, Mary Luverna  16 Jun 1984Portland, OR I24324 Puffers 
11 DERR, John  14 Jun 1970Portland, OR I61669 Puffers 
12 EDGERLY, Cora E.  26 Aug 1928Portland, OR I35206 Puffers 
13 FRISBEE, Charles Timothy  25 Apr 1958Portland, OR I60315 Puffers 
14 GIBBS, Arthur Haywood  23 Jun 1938Portland, OR I57687 Puffers 
15 GULSVIG, Gladys Janet  15 Sep 2005Portland, OR I19079 Puffers 
16 HAGENBUCHER, Carl  7 Nov 1991Portland, OR I63153 Puffers 
17 HOUSTON, Frank Travis  28 Mar 1997Portland, OR I62369 Puffers 
18 JARVIS, Frederick Harry  21 Dec 1954Portland, OR I49050 Puffers 
19 LEIGHTON, Selden B.  9 Jul 1920Portland, OR I36856 Puffers 
20 LOVE, Grace Margaret  13 Sep 1971Portland, OR I64010 Puffers 
21 MARSHALL, Edgar Henderson  29 Nov 1918Portland, OR I14060 Puffers 
22 MILES, George Melville  15 Jan 1935Portland, OR I14048 Puffers 
23 MILES, Helen Genevieve  22 Mar 1922Portland, OR I14046 Puffers 
24 MILLER, Lela Fay  15 Dec 1998Portland, OR I48165 Puffers 
25 MOORE, Helen Maude  5 Jun 1999Portland, OR I63154 Puffers 
26 OESER, Samuel Henry  26 Sep 1968Portland, OR I62844 Puffers 
27 PUFFER, Arleigh Lee  16 Sep 1986Portland, OR I23474 Puffers 
28 PUFFER, Clyde A.  14 Feb 1984Portland, OR I24323 Puffers 
29 PUFFER, Dorothy Eileen  3 Jul 2005Portland, OR I39217 Puffers 
30 PUFFER, Ryland Caleb  27 Nov 1972Portland, OR I9815 Puffers 
31 PUFFER, William Courtney  3 May 1907Portland, OR I21232 Puffers 
32 RITNER, Laura Genevieve  14 Mar 1943Portland, OR I14047 Puffers 
33 ROBSON, William Clifford  1948Portland, OR I127209 Puffers 
34 SAINT GEORGE, Elizabeth Louise  30 May 2001Portland, OR I34693 Puffers 
35 TALCOTT, Dewitt Clinton  31 Aug 1972Portland, OR I9400 Puffers 
36 TALCOTT, Gardner Ulman  20 Jan 1950Portland, OR I44723 Puffers 
37 WILKINS, Percy Ellis  22 Dec 1964Portland, OR I49269 Puffers 


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID   Tree 
1 Elsie L.  Portland, OR I47468 Puffers 
2 Margaret C.  Portland, OR I59788 Puffers 
3 Mary A.  Portland, OR I52829 Puffers 
4 ALLEN, George Sprague  Portland, OR I59406 Puffers 
5 ALWINGER, Barbara Ann  Portland, OR I39221 Puffers 
6 ALWINGER, David John  Portland, OR I39224 Puffers 
7 ARNETT, Clarence Howard  Portland, OR I47474 Puffers 
8 BRAIN, Florence Lucille  Portland, OR I61670 Puffers 
9 BRANDI, Rocco  Portland, OR I52828 Puffers 
10 BRANDI, Sara Mae  Portland, OR I52372 Puffers 
11 COOK, Hazel Marie  Portland, OR I35361 Puffers 
12 COOK, Raymond Maurice  Portland, OR I17041 Puffers 
13 COOK, William Maurice  Portland, OR I17040 Puffers 
14 CRIST, Ralph Leroy  Portland, OR I10830 Puffers 
15 CRIST, Ralph Leroy Jr.  Portland, OR I21737 Puffers 
16 DERR, John  Portland, OR I61669 Puffers 
17 EDGERLY, Cora E.  Portland, OR I35206 Puffers 
18 GARMAN, Kenneth Douglas Sr.  Portland, OR I44044 Puffers 
19 GULSVIG, Gladys Janet  Portland, OR I19079 Puffers 
20 HAGENBUCHER, Carl  Portland, OR I63153 Puffers 
21 HAWKINS, Hazel Rebecca  16 Feb 1972Portland, OR I38796 Puffers 
22 LEW, LTC Sam Gin  Portland, OR I56604 Puffers 
23 MOORE, Helen Maude  Portland, OR I63154 Puffers 
24 OESER, Samuel Henry  Portland, OR I62844 Puffers 
25 PUFFER, Arleigh Lee  Portland, OR I23474 Puffers 
26 PUFFER, Arthur Frank  Portland, OR I19080 Puffers 
27 PUFFER, Leslie Wilson  Portland, OR I22952 Puffers 
28 PUFFER, Ryland Caleb  11 Dec 1972Portland, OR I9815 Puffers 
29 PUFFER, Shirley Esther  Portland, OR I10831 Puffers 
30 PUFFER, William Courtney  23 May 1907Portland, OR I21232 Puffers 
31 QUON, Mamie  Portland, OR I56605 Puffers 
32 ROBINSON, Kathryn Lucille  Portland, OR I9417 Puffers 
33 ROGERS, Roy C.  Portland, OR I55022 Puffers 
34 SHORTT, Norris  Portland, OR I33746 Puffers 
35 SPEER, Eugene Robert  Portland, OR I126051 Puffers 
36 SUMMERS, Mary Frances  Portland, OR I34487 Puffers 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 SAY, Shirley Porter  29 Oct 1918Portland, OR I20788 Puffers 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Virginia M.  1950Portland, OR I126781 Puffers 
2 BAKER, Albert L.  1900Portland, OR I60057 Puffers 
3 CRIGHTON, Jonathan Christian  1999Portland, OR I126378 Puffers 
4 DENISON, Morris  1870Portland, OR I63079 Puffers 
5 FALTZ, Lillian Louise  1921Portland, OR I49834 Puffers 
6 HAGENBUCHER, James Henry  1940Portland, OR I56168 Puffers 
7 PORTER, Lillian Maude  1930Portland, OR I20789 Puffers 
8 PORTER, Lillian Maude  1930Portland, OR I20789 Puffers 
9 PROUTY, Ruth M.  1950Portland, OR I62568 Puffers 
10 SAY, Harold Bradley  1920Portland, OR I20790 Puffers 
11 SAY, Harold Bradley  1930Portland, OR I20790 Puffers 
12 SAY, Harold Bradley  1930Portland, OR I20790 Puffers 
13 SAY, Harold Bradley  1937Portland, OR I20790 Puffers 
14 SAY, Shirley Porter  1920Portland, OR I20788 Puffers 
15 SAY, Shirley Porter  1930Portland, OR I20788 Puffers 
16 TALCOTT, Dewitt Clinton  1910Portland, OR I9400 Puffers 
17 TALCOTT, Dewitt Clinton  1920Portland, OR I9400 Puffers 
18 TALCOTT, Ione Mae  1910Portland, OR I9401 Puffers 


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 BRASSFIELD / ROYAL  2 Jul 1949Portland, OR F23064 Puffers 
2 PUFFER / BRANDI  9 Nov 1941Portland, OR F19790 Puffers 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Residence    Family ID   Tree 
1 DERR / BRAIN  1950Portland, OR F24333 Puffers