Puffer Genealogy

Rockford, IL



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CARMICHAEL, Leroy Carpenter  16 May 1876Rockford, IL I54641
2 DE WITT, Richard Stanley  28 Oct 1927Rockford, IL I34457
3 DELONG, Frederick Alden  CA 1910Rockford, IL I54642
4 HENDERSON, Charles C.  23 Jan 1888Rockford, IL I59227
5 JOHNS, Carolyn Ruth  31 Jan 1899Rockford, IL I46144
6 LINDEMAN, Dorothy  19 Apr 1926Rockford, IL I47853
7 MOORE, Lewis J.  12 Apr 1921Rockford, IL I42017
8 NEWMAN, Earl Augustus  11 Aug 1884Rockford, IL I9532
9 NEWMAN, Fred Conrad  29 Oct 1896Rockford, IL I9535
10 NEWMAN, Genevieve Marion  8 Jun 1889Rockford, IL I9529
11 NEWMAN, Grace Adelaide  16 Feb 1894Rockford, IL I9536
12 NEWMAN, Ray Howard  3 Nov 1891Rockford, IL I9534
13 PUFFER, Henry Benjamin  8 Oct 1918Rockford, IL I24431
14 PUFFER, Marilyn Adelaide  19 Apr 1922Rockford, IL I23341
15 PUFFER, Robert Edward  23 Dec 1895Rockford, IL I12039


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Beverly A.  5 Apr 2006Rockford, IL I57165
2 CARMICHAEL, Leroy Carpenter  12 May 1939Rockford, IL I54641
3 CORMACK, Jane  27 Jul 1906Rockford, IL I14576
4 GALLAHER, George Puffer  10 Sep 1919Rockford, IL I24722
5 GEDDES, Alexander  25 Aug 1905Rockford, IL I14574
6 HENDERSON, Charles C.  13 Nov 1972Rockford, IL I59227
7 LINDSTROM, Roma S.  8 Mar 1981Rockford, IL I5889
8 MOORE, David Stuart  5 May 1952Rockford, IL I42018
9 MOORE, Lewis J.  8 Jan 2012Rockford, IL I42017
10 NEWMAN, Conrad August  3 May 1934Rockford, IL I9527
11 NEWMAN, Grace Adelaide  28 Aug 1946Rockford, IL I9536
12 NEWMAN, Ray Howard  17 Dec 1966Rockford, IL I9534
13 PARLEE, Earl Wilmet  Nov 1984Rockford, IL I45828
14 PARLEE, William E.  30 Oct 1951Rockford, IL I45829
15 PUFFER, Albert Henry  Aug 1970Rockford, IL I5737
16 PUFFER, Frank Merritt  19 Aug 1942Rockford, IL I12070
17 PUFFER, James Earl  31 May 2022Rockford, IL I1013
18 RASMUSSEN, Mary Catherine  16 Aug 1923Rockford, IL I9533
19 RYAN, Paul Edward  3 Aug 2011Rockford, IL I38290
20 SCOTT, Alice Augusta  26 Oct 1945Rockford, IL I17079
21 STEWART, Elmer  23 Jun 1922Rockford, IL I59237


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Beverly A.  Rockford, IL I57165
2 BECK, Sarah Gertrude  Rockford, IL I12069
3 DE WITT, Carol  Rockford, IL I48177
4 DE WITT, Richard Stanley  Rockford, IL I34457
5 DE WITT, Stanley S.  Rockford, IL I46143
6 HENDERSON, Charles C.  Rockford, IL I59227
7 JOHNS, Carolyn Ruth  Rockford, IL I46144
8 LINDSTROM, Gunnar G.  Rockford, IL I1698
9 MCLAUGHLAN, Eva Fern  Rockford, IL I5736
10 MOORE, Lewis J.  Rockford, IL I42017
11 NEWMAN, Adelbert Vernon  Rockford, IL I9528
12 NEWMAN, Conrad August  Rockford, IL I9527
13 NEWMAN, Fred Conrad  Rockford, IL I9535
14 NEWMAN, Genevieve Marion  Rockford, IL I9529
15 NEWMAN, Grace Adelaide  28 Aug 1946Rockford, IL I9536
16 NEWMAN, Lyle Winfred  Rockford, IL I9531
17 NEWMAN, Ray Howard  Rockford, IL I9534
18 PARLEE, William E.  Rockford, IL I45829
19 PUFFER, Albert Henry  Rockford, IL I5737
20 PUFFER, Bessie May  Rockford, IL I1697
21 PUFFER, Frank Merritt  21 Aug 1942Rockford, IL I12070
22 PUFFER, Ina Lee  Rockford, IL I23944
23 PUFFER, Marilyn Adelaide  Rockford, IL I23341
24 PUFFER, Robert Edward  Rockford, IL I12039
25 PUFFER, Sally Jane  Rockford, IL I23340
26 RASMUSSEN, Mary Catherine  18 Aug 1923Rockford, IL I9533


Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BORST, Mona D.  1959Rockford, IL I42019
2 BORST, Mona D.  1960Rockford, IL I42019
3 LINDSTROM, Faith Mildred  1920Rockford, IL I1700
4 LINDSTROM, Merritt  1930Rockford, IL I1696
5 LINDSTROM, Roma S.  1930Rockford, IL I5889
6 MCLAUGHLAN, Eva Fern  1919Rockford, IL I5736
7 MCLAUGHLAN, Eva Fern  1930Rockford, IL I5736
8 NEWMAN, Adelbert Vernon  1910Rockford, IL I9528
9 NEWMAN, Adelbert Vernon  1920Rockford, IL I9528
10 NEWMAN, Carl Edwin  1910Rockford, IL I9530
11 NEWMAN, Carl Edwin  1920Rockford, IL I9530
12 NEWMAN, Conrad August  1900Rockford, IL I9527
13 NEWMAN, Conrad August  1910Rockford, IL I9527
14 NEWMAN, Conrad August  1920Rockford, IL I9527
15 NEWMAN, Conrad August  1930Rockford, IL I9527
16 NEWMAN, Earl Augustus  1900Rockford, IL I9532
17 NEWMAN, Earl Augustus  1910Rockford, IL I9532
18 NEWMAN, Fred Conrad  1900Rockford, IL I9535
19 NEWMAN, Fred Conrad  1910Rockford, IL I9535
20 NEWMAN, Fred Conrad  1920Rockford, IL I9535
21 NEWMAN, Genevieve Marion  1900Rockford, IL I9529
22 NEWMAN, Genevieve Marion  1910Rockford, IL I9529
23 NEWMAN, Genevieve Marion  1920Rockford, IL I9529
24 NEWMAN, Genevieve Marion  1920Rockford, IL I9529
25 NEWMAN, Grace Adelaide  1910Rockford, IL I9536
26 NEWMAN, Grace Adelaide  1920Rockford, IL I9536
27 NEWMAN, Lyle Winfred  Rockford, IL I9531
28 NEWMAN, Lyle Winfred  1900Rockford, IL I9531
29 NEWMAN, Lyle Winfred  1910Rockford, IL I9531
30 NEWMAN, Lyle Winfred  1920Rockford, IL I9531
31 NEWMAN, Lyle Winfred  1930Rockford, IL I9531
32 NEWMAN, Ray Howard  1900Rockford, IL I9534
33 NEWMAN, Ray Howard  1910Rockford, IL I9534
34 NEWMAN, Ray Howard  1920Rockford, IL I9534
35 NEWMAN, Ray Howard  1930Rockford, IL I9534
36 PUFFER, Albert Henry  1930Rockford, IL I5737
37 PUFFER, Albert Henry  1942Rockford, IL I5737
38 PUFFER, Henry Benjamin  1930Rockford, IL I24431
39 PUFFER, Henry Benjamin  1940Rockford, IL I24431
40 PUFFER, Marilyn Adelaide  1930Rockford, IL I23341
41 PUFFER, Robert Edward  1910Rockford, IL I12039
42 PUFFER, Robert Edward  1918Rockford, IL I12039
43 PUFFER, Robert Edward  1930Rockford, IL I12039
44 PUFFER, Sally Jane  1930Rockford, IL I23340
45 PUFFER, Walter Scott  1918Rockford, IL I13799
46 RASMUSSEN, Mary Catherine  1900Rockford, IL I9533
47 RASMUSSEN, Mary Catherine  1910Rockford, IL I9533
48 RASMUSSEN, Mary Catherine  1920Rockford, IL I9533
49 RYAN, Paul Edward  Rockford, IL I38290


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 BROWN / PUFFER  27 Sep 1935Rockford, IL F8076
2 CARMICHAEL / LINDSTROM  28 Apr 1927Rockford, IL F20855


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   Family    Residence    Family ID 
1 DELONG / LINDSTROM  1944Rockford, IL F20856
2 DELONG / LINDSTROM  1947Rockford, IL F20856
3 PUFFER / BECK  1900Rockford, IL F3191
4 PUFFER / BECK  1910Rockford, IL F3191