Puffer Genealogy

South Addison, ME



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 TABBUTT, Andrew  1808South Addison, ME I37266
2 TABBUTT, Anna  1793South Addison, ME I59673
3 TABBUTT, Baby  CA 1842South Addison, ME I59757
4 TABBUTT, Baby Boy  CA 1798South Addison, ME I59676
5 TABBUTT, Barbara  1810South Addison, ME I59681
6 TABBUTT, Betsey W.  27 Dec 1828South Addison, ME I59749
7 TABBUTT, Catherine E.  8 Mar 1850South Addison, ME I59759
8 TABBUTT, Chandler  CA 1814South Addison, ME I59687
9 TABBUTT, Charles  1 Jun 1796South Addison, ME I17143
10 TABBUTT, Clayton Horace  31 Mar 1877South Addison, ME I54710
11 TABBUTT, Daniel Merritt  6 Jul 1838South Addison, ME I59748
12 TABBUTT, Daniel Merritt  23 Apr 1844South Addison, ME I54663
13 TABBUTT, Daniel Shepard  1818South Addison, ME I59742
14 TABBUTT, Edward Harrison  22 Jan 1848South Addison, ME I59758
15 TABBUTT, Elizabeth L.  16 Apr 1859South Addison, ME I54666
16 TABBUTT, Elizabeth M.  29 Jan 1826South Addison, ME I37287
17 TABBUTT, Girl  CA 1834South Addison, ME I59766
18 TABBUTT, Holmes Wass  21 Oct 1835South Addison, ME I59767
19 TABBUTT, Horace E.  12 Aug 1837South Addison, ME I59768
20 TABBUTT, Isabel  1846South Addison, ME I54664
21 TABBUTT, John  1804South Addison, ME I59678
22 TABBUTT, Capt. John Henry  6 Nov 1831South Addison, ME I53898
23 TABBUTT, Joseph M.  14 Nov 1827South Addison, ME I53889
24 TABBUTT, Julia A.  13 Aug 1823South Addison, ME I53893
25 TABBUTT, Lincoln Noyes  1834South Addison, ME I59745
26 TABBUTT, Lydia Holmes  May 1813South Addison, ME I59684
27 TABBUTT, Margaret J.  Nov 1839South Addison, ME I59755
28 TABBUTT, Obediah  1806South Addison, ME I59680
29 TABBUTT, Rachel A.  1833South Addison, ME I59752
30 TABBUTT, Rebecca Ann  10 Sep 1837South Addison, ME I51725
31 TABBUTT, Rebecca M.  1821South Addison, ME I59743
32 TABBUTT, Salome Wass  Nov 1840South Addison, ME I59769
33 TABBUTT, Sarah L.  Nov 1846South Addison, ME I59771
34 TABBUTT, Stillman Merritt  1823South Addison, ME I59744
35 TABBUTT, Thomas Shepard  1794South Addison, ME I59674
36 TABBUTT, Wilbury C.  21 Mar 1872South Addison, ME I54708
37 TABBUTT, William  22 Jan 1802South Addison, ME I51726
38 TABBUTT, William III  1831South Addison, ME I59751
39 TABBUTT, Capt. 1st Mate William Merritt  28 Oct 1819South Addison, ME I15989
40 TABBUTT, Zenas Wilder  30 Jan 1834South Addison, ME I53900
41 TABBUTT, Zenas Wilder  6 Feb 1857South Addison, ME I54665


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 CHANDLER, Elizabeth  15 Aug 1878South Addison, ME I51714
2 KNIGHT, Catherine M.  25 Jun 1887South Addison, ME I51727
3 TABBUTT, Andrew  16 May 1885South Addison, ME I37266
4 TABBUTT, Baby  CA 1845South Addison, ME I59757
5 TABBUTT, Daniel Merritt  3 Feb 1863South Addison, ME I54663
6 TABBUTT, Girl  CA 1845South Addison, ME I59766
7 TABBUTT, Rebecca Ann  21 Feb 1916South Addison, ME I51725
8 TABBUTT, Wilbury C.  13 Sep 1900South Addison, ME I54708
9 TABBUTT, William  20 Dec 1897South Addison, ME I51726


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Anna Butler  South Addison, ME I5002
2 CATES, William Godfrey  South Addison, ME I54667
3 CHANDLER, Elizabeth  South Addison, ME I51714
4 CORTHELL, Catherine Elizabeth  South Addison, ME I53883
5 CROWLEY, Anna Augusta  South Addison, ME I53886
6 CROWLEY, James Herschel  South Addison, ME I54669
7 DAVIS, John Melvin  South Addison, ME I45921
8 DONOVAN, Capt. Charles  2 Aug 1913South Addison, ME I59770
9 FARNSWORTH, Amasa  South Addison, ME I12508
10 FARNSWORTH, Julia Ann  South Addison, ME I51728
11 HALL, Elvena S.  South Addison, ME I54719
12 INGERSOLL, Julia Ann  South Addison, ME I4188
13 JOY, Ralph Leighton  South Addison, ME I63849
14 KNIGHT, Catherine M.  South Addison, ME I51727
15 MADDOX, Meribah  South Addison, ME I18561
16 MCNAMARA, Jennie Emma  South Addison, ME I63230
17 MERRITT, Daniel Chandler  South Addison, ME I51719
18 MERRITT, Edmund Chandler  South Addison, ME I51720
19 MERRITT, George H.  South Addison, ME I51718
20 MERRITT, Isabelle  South Addison, ME I17146
21 MERRITT, Sarah A.  South Addison, ME I51717
22 MERRITT, Capt. William Henry  South Addison, ME I51713
23 MERRITT, William Henry  South Addison, ME I51722
24 SINCLAIR, Caroline L.  South Addison, ME I126772
25 STEVENS, Susan Moore  South Addison, ME I54714
26 TABBUTT, Andrew  South Addison, ME I37266
27 TABBUTT, Charles  South Addison, ME I17143
28 TABBUTT, Clayton Horace  South Addison, ME I54710
29 TABBUTT, Daniel Merritt  South Addison, ME I54663
30 TABBUTT, Edward Harrison  South Addison, ME I59758
31 TABBUTT, Elizabeth Knight  South Addison, ME I54711
32 TABBUTT, Elizabeth L.  South Addison, ME I54666
33 TABBUTT, George Gilbert  South Addison, ME I53885
34 TABBUTT, Isabel  South Addison, ME I54664
35 TABBUTT, Julia A.  South Addison, ME I54668
36 TABBUTT, Rebecca Ann  South Addison, ME I51725
37 TABBUTT, Robert A.  South Addison, ME I53882
38 TABBUTT, Salome Wass  South Addison, ME I59769
39 TABBUTT, Susan Rebecca  South Addison, ME I45922
40 TABBUTT, William  South Addison, ME I51726
41 TABBUTT, Zelotis Knowles  South Addison, ME I63842
42 TABBUTT, Zenas Wilder  South Addison, ME I54665
43 WASS, Albert Gilman  South Addison, ME I54718
44 WASS, Enos Dyer  South Addison, ME I51729
45 WASS, Freeman Enos  South Addison, ME I63837
46 WASS, Gilman Colson  South Addison, ME I54713
47 WASS, Lorenzo Roy  South Addison, ME I54720
48 WASS, Nancy J.  South Addison, ME I63843
49 WASS, Robert B. II  South Addison, ME I54712
50 WASS, Waldo Harris  South Addison, ME I63839
51 WRIGHT, John  South Addison, ME I790


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 TABBUTT, Baby Boy  CA 1800South Addison, ME I59676
2 TABBUTT, Capt. 1st Mate William Merritt  29 Oct 1819South Addison, ME I15989


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Ceno    Person ID 
1 LOW, Philander D.  South Addison, ME I36674


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 GAILLAC / TABBUTT  19 Oct 1901South Addison, ME F23405