Puffer Genealogy

Spencerport, NY



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baird, Dorothy Amelia  2 Sep 1919Spencerport, NY I37603
2 Baird, George Francis  16 Sep 1922Spencerport, NY I54183
3 Baird, John L.  13 May 1918Spencerport, NY I37604
4 Baird, Lorenzo A.  12 Jan 1892Spencerport, NY I37602
5 Baird, Nina Leola  13 Jul 1916Spencerport, NY I37596
6 Puffer, Elizabeth Ann  6 Feb 1939Spencerport, NY I26426
7 Wyland, Frank E.  15 Oct 1890Spencerport, NY I55182
8 Wyland, Katherine Theresa  1897Spencerport, NY I52159


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ashton, James Daniel  15 Aug 1952Spencerport, NY I38076
2 Ashton, Leonard Charles  17 Aug 1974Spencerport, NY I38073
3 Baird, George Francis  17 Jan 2000Spencerport, NY I54183
4 Baird, Nina Leola  21 Mar 1992Spencerport, NY I37596
5 Grosjean, Sarah Letitia  10 Aug 1940Spencerport, NY I36317
6 Hoag, Nettie Elizabeth  10 Nov 1971Spencerport, NY I37605
7 Oehlbeck, Helen Ida  14 Nov 1989Spencerport, NY I37616
8 Puffer, Dolores M.  Sep 1982Spencerport, NY I49486
9 Puffer, Francis Ferris  1918Spencerport, NY I37599
10 Puffer, Jessie M.  8 Dec 1955Spencerport, NY I37625
11 Puffer, Margaret J.  23 Apr 1955Spencerport, NY I37812
12 Puffer, Margaret Latecia  3 Feb 1999Spencerport, NY I38072
13 Puffer, Vicktoria Anne  6 Jul 1972Spencerport, NY I39134
14 Puffer, Walton  24 Nov 1905Spencerport, NY I38071
15 Puffer, William Kenneth  28 Feb 1993Spencerport, NY I37617
16 Richardson, Thomas Fredrick  6 Aug 1961Spencerport, NY I39051
17 Stimler, Elizabeth A.  Bef 1998Spencerport, NY I26931


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Ashton, James Daniel  Spencerport, NY I38076
2 Ashton, Leonard Charles  Spencerport, NY I38073
3 Baird, George Francis  Spencerport, NY I54183
4 Baird, Lorenzo A.  Spencerport, NY I37602
5 Baird, Nina Leola  Spencerport, NY I37596
6 Barton, George R.  Spencerport, NY I37624
7 Craft, Elizabeth A.  Spencerport, NY I19992
8 Grosjean, Sarah Letitia  Spencerport, NY I36317
9 Hinman, Alice Minerva  Spencerport, NY I40223
10 Hoag, Nettie Elizabeth  Spencerport, NY I37605
11 Kerwin, Mary Elizabeth  Spencerport, NY I37598
12 Oehlbeck, Helen Ida  Spencerport, NY I37616
13 Puffer, Allan M.  Spencerport, NY I37595
14 Puffer, Dolores M.  Spencerport, NY I49486
15 Puffer, Elizabeth Ann  Spencerport, NY I26426
16 Puffer, Francis Ferris  Spencerport, NY I37599
17 Puffer, Jacob Wilson  Spencerport, NY I36308
18 Puffer, Jessie M.  Spencerport, NY I37625
19 Puffer, John Frank  Spencerport, NY I39128
20 Puffer, Margaret J.  Spencerport, NY I37812
21 Puffer, Margaret Latecia  Spencerport, NY I38072
22 Puffer, Vicktoria Anne  Spencerport, NY I39134
23 Puffer, Walton  Spencerport, NY I38071
24 Puffer, William Kenneth  Spencerport, NY I37617
25 Puffer, Willis R.  Spencerport, NY I36312
26 Puffer, Wilson  Spencerport, NY I53629
27 Wilkins, Albert J.  Spencerport, NY I49485


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Baird, Nina Leola  17 Aug 1937Spencerport, NY I37596


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Confirmation    Person ID 
1 Baird, Nina Leola  7 Jun 1938Spencerport, NY I37596


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ashton / Puffer  18 Aug 1934Spencerport, NY F9964
2 Puffer / Baird  5 Sep 1937Spencerport, NY F9696
3 Puffer / Wyland  20 Nov 1919Spencerport, NY F19278