Puffer Genealogy

Washington County, ME



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Gladys Look  24 Dec 1895Washington County, ME I37213
2 BUCKNAM, William  8 Sep 1773Washington County, ME I50769
3 CORTHELL, Joseph Ellery  15 Sep 1832Washington County, ME I55366
4 CORTHELL, Levi Kinsman  15 May 1828Washington County, ME I55364
5 CORTHELL, Lucy Abigail  17 Mar 1826Washington County, ME I49539
6 CORTHELL, Maria E.  8 Oct 1838Washington County, ME I49540
7 CUNNINGHAM, James Roscoe  Nov 1859Washington County, ME I8978
8 DRISKO, Joseph  1781Washington County, ME I43425
9 FARREN, Woodbury Elisha  2 Feb 1920Washington County, ME I49009
10 GOOCH, Ebenezer  26 Aug 1766Washington County, ME I50530
11 GOOCH, Henry Loring  15 Aug 1843Washington County, ME I23051
12 GRANT, Susan Meserve  21 Feb 1847Washington County, ME I22091
13 HARTFORD, James Hiram  Jun 1846Washington County, ME I56836
14 JORDAN, Rebecca  1759Washington County, ME I47669
15 LOW, George L.  1826Washington County, ME I48629
16 NASH, Jane  20 Mar 1790Washington County, ME I58494
17 NASH, Myrick  1811Washington County, ME I46020
18 NASH, Veclinda F.  1847Washington County, ME I2432
19 REED, Harriet E.  9 Dec 1915Washington County, ME I58294
20 SHAW, Laura E.  Nov 1884Washington County, ME I53340
21 STROUT, Carroll P.  24 Feb 1908Washington County, ME I11339
22 STROUT, Sarah  CA 1790Washington County, ME I20856
23 TABBUTT, Elsie C.  31 Oct 1881Washington County, ME I57074
24 TENNEY, Hollis\Horace  1841Washington County, ME I59092
25 WHITE, Erma Beryl  14 Dec 1904Washington County, ME I56914
26 WHITE, Leonard Franklin  Jul 1868Washington County, ME I56915
27 WOOD, Neil Dow  8 Jun 1900Washington County, ME I48770
28 WORCESTER, Alfred Small II  2 May 1913Washington County, ME I15745
29 WORCESTER, Ambrose Loring  30 Aug 1854Washington County, ME I5760
30 WORCESTER, Austin H.  22 Apr 1912Washington County, ME I58293
31 WORCESTER, Bertha Emily  6 Nov 1893Washington County, ME I18100
32 WORCESTER, Francis Cummings  1 Feb 1826Washington County, ME I48727
33 WORCESTER, Ida  25 Jan 1911Washington County, ME I11338
34 WORCESTER, Moses J.  17 Jan 1886Washington County, ME I47505


Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Horace F.  1 Apr 1905Washington County, ME I48409
2 BRIDGHAM, Emma Evelin  28 Jan 1904Washington County, ME I48410
3 BUZZELL, Benjamin  7 Sep 1890Washington County, ME I49901
4 COFFIN, Jane  4 May 1871Washington County, ME I45991
5 CORTHELL, Joseph Ellery  26 Oct 1903Washington County, ME I55366
6 CORTHELL, Levi Kinsman  16 May 1889Washington County, ME I55364
7 CORTHELL, Lucy Abigail  2 Feb 1846Washington County, ME I49539
8 COTTON, Earnest  5 Jan 2003Washington County, ME I47318
9 DAVIS, Elizabeth Nash  27 Jul 1900Washington County, ME I61053
10 DAVIS, John Melvin  28 Nov 1960Washington County, ME I46363
11 DAVIS, Rebecca  29 Jan 1845Washington County, ME I61052
12 DOWNS, Betsey  Sep 1880Washington County, ME I53679
13 DUNBAR, Josiah Marston  15 Sep 1849Washington County, ME I45958
14 FARNSWORTH, Evie E.  1957Washington County, ME I49914
15 FARNSWORTH, Hilliard John  8 Apr 1888Washington County, ME I10845
16 FARNSWORTH, Isabel Frances  14 Sep 1911Washington County, ME I9594
17 FARNSWORTH, Peter  26 Feb 1884Washington County, ME I9853
18 FROST, Mary Stanley  1879Washington County, ME I37341
19 GRANT, Charles Austin  22 Oct 1925Washington County, ME I47504
20 GRANT, Hannah L.  14 Aug 1892Washington County, ME I5543
21 HILL, Mary  30 Mar 1887Washington County, ME I55365
22 INGERSOLL, George Ulmore  10 Dec 1834Washington County, ME I4224
23 INGERSOLL, Vera Gladys  Aft 1940Washington County, ME I45297
24 LEIGHTON, Ronie Diadem  24 Feb 1934Washington County, ME I23754
25 LOVETT, Rebecca  Dec 1841Washington County, ME I49133
26 NASH, Veclinda F.  1870Washington County, ME I2432
27 NICHOLS, Rebecca S.  7 Apr 1871Washington County, ME I43964
28 SKINNER, Catherine W.  28 Nov 1873Washington County, ME I11838
29 SMITH, Maj. Harrison Gray Otis  20 Jul 1891Washington County, ME I18391
30 TABBUTT, Elizabeth L.  2 Feb 1920Washington County, ME I55360
31 TABBUTT, George L.  Bef 1930Washington County, ME I56838
32 TIBBETTS, David  18 Aug 1853Washington County, ME I47148
33 TIBBETTS, Ellen Madora  Sep 1927Washington County, ME I8455
34 TIBBETTS\TABBUTT, Betsey Sophia  13 Dec 1897Washington County, ME I48728
35 TRASK, Dorcas  1811Washington County, ME I5009
36 TUCKER, Samuel Jr.  1835Washington County, ME I46324
37 WORCESTER, Belle C.  1941Washington County, ME I37403
38 WORCESTER, Edward A.  12 May 1881Washington County, ME I37305
39 WORCESTER, Ida  12 Sep 1999Washington County, ME I11338
40 WORCESTER, Louisa S.  1881Washington County, ME I9031


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Obediah  Washington County, ME I22926
2 CATES, Elmira  Washington County, ME I7641
3 FARNSWORTH, Hannah  Washington County, ME I2438
4 FARNSWORTH, Hilliard John  Washington County, ME I10845
5 FICKETT, Alfreda G.  Washington County, ME I54188
6 FICKETT, Thomas C.  Washington County, ME I52351
7 GRANT, Charles Austin  Washington County, ME I47504
8 GRANT, Everett C.  Washington County, ME I19955
9 GRANT, James Alden  Washington County, ME I7642
10 GRANT, James Harvey  Washington County, ME I19952
11 GRANT, Lincoln Christopher  Washington County, ME I37294
12 GRIFFIN, Sadie B.  Washington County, ME I22488
13 HATCH, Lucy C.  Washington County, ME I48158
14 JOY, Caroline Amelia  Washington County, ME I22676
15 KILTON, Diadema Smith  Washington County, ME I37140
16 LEIGHTON, Frances C.  Washington County, ME I47503
17 LIBBY, Daniel Farnsworth  Washington County, ME I18094
18 LONGFELLOW, David  Washington County, ME I56573
19 MERRITT, Elizabeth Hannah  Washington County, ME I53577
20 MERRITT, George Stillman  Washington County, ME I53578
21 STROUT, Stephen D.  Washington County, ME I54189
22 THOMPSON, Asenath  Washington County, ME I41814
23 TUCKER, Ella May  Washington County, ME I50738
24 WASS, Roscoe Stevens  Washington County, ME I22489
25 WOODS, Sarah A.  Washington County, ME I53579


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 FRENCH, Sewell Worcester  1820Washington County, ME I37144


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ALLEN / WORCESTER  1885Washington County, ME F18295
2 FARREN / LOOK  28 Sep 1950Washington County, ME F18166
3 GOULD / LIBBY  21 Feb 1853Washington County, ME F5073
4 HALL / LOW  7 Dec 1867Washington County, ME F13383
5 PLUMMER / COLLINS  5 Apr 1834Washington County, ME F23958
6 TABBUTT / MOORE  25 Dec 1847Washington County, ME F20704
7 WHITE / NASH  9 Oct 1869Washington County, ME F16247
8 WORCESTER / BOWDEN  17 Jun 1899Washington County, ME F18296
9 WORCESTER / FOSS  1 Dec 1936Washington County, ME F10653
10 WORCESTER / NORTON  13 Jul 1904Washington County, ME F10546


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 LOW / WORCESTER  Oct 1874Washington County, ME F10749
2 TABBUTT / REED  Oct 1891Washington County, ME F23561
3 TUCKER / LOOK  Jul 1843Washington County, ME F14729
4 WHITE / SMITH  Jan 1891Washington County, ME F22772